Texas Regional Modern
You don’t see a Texas Regional Modern hit the market very often. Our Monday Morning Millionaire at 5006 Shadywood Lane in the Sunnybrook Estates neighborhood of Bluffview offers a rare opportunity to own the home of an architect. Remember what we always tell you about buying an architect or builder’s own home? Do not pass go, stop immediately, and put in an offer that won’t be refused! (more…)

What could turn Ralph Lauren green with envy and make him want a luxury home in Dallas? The answer is easy. It’s our Monday Morning Millionaire — a majestic mountain-style mansion retreat at 4656 Meadowood Road — in the honeypot of Old Preston Hollow.

mountain-style mansion


Have a luxurious master bath but your tankless water heater isn’t performing? Vesta has a solution for that.

Disappointed with your tankless water heater system? Get VESTA’d!

There is something about hot water in a house: you just have to have it!  Just ask 2,800 Atmos customers in Dallas about that. On one of my visits west to my son’s house, I arrived late at night, and he informed me (half asleep he was) that oh by the way, they had no hot water. The heater, a tankless, was broken.

It was about 45 degrees out. I needed two heating pads to warm up that night.  I love hot water and, high maintenance me, I use plenty of it: bathtub, dishes, showers, and, of course, hair.

We built our home in 2000 with four 80-gallon tanks. But in about 2005, builders started singing the praises of the new hybrid “on-demand” hot water heaters: heating water on demand rather than keeping 50 to 100 gallons hot in a ceramic tank with a pilot light. They saved energy because water is heated “only as needed.” Plus they take up much less space than the big old tanks.

I also once had a hot water heater flood in another house life, right during a party. T’was a lot of water. So the idea of a smaller, tankless concept “married” to a tank was quite appealing. 

Except the unit we chose, Eternal, turned out not to be so eternal. 

No sooner than my Eternal was installed, I received a notice of an important part that had to be repaired. Or else!

Their product had as many issues as Donald Trump has lawyers. For one, they used a plastic water pressure switch (a gizmo that makes sure there is water in the unit) with plastic threads, which deteriorated over a short period of time. That caused extensive leaking, which caused property damage and catastrophic failure of the unit. Ugh.

That was the notice I got in the mail, instructing me to replace the water pressure switch. Fortunately, I called and replaced in time, and we never had a leak. The company offered $75 in plumbing support for a certain period of time after which, YOU had to pay the plumber. 

Eternal was a division of Grand Hall. There were thousands of their tankless units out in the field, but the company only reached a small proportion to correct. Which gave the tankless heater industry a bad rap.

Enter VESTA.DS, Inc.   (more…)

DFW open houses

The foursquare Prairie at 5533 Swiss Ave. is a majestic beauty, and it’s one of our five featured open houses this week.

Every Thursday, we delight in bringing you the CandysDirt Open Houses of the Week column, your insider’s view of what’s on the market, and which houses you’ve got to see this weekend. We pick five fabulous open houses in Dallas (and the ‘burbs from time to time) you shouldn’t miss.

This week, our houses range in price from $329,900 to $960K. We’re featuring the stunning Swiss Avenue Foursquare Prairie you see above (it’s to die for), as well as an updated Prestonwood home with a sleek interior, a serene contemporary in Crest Meadow Estates with over 3,000 square feet, and more. Trust us, this list is fabulous. Read on to see our finds.



Uptown Townhome Offers Downtown Views | Candy's Dirt

Urban living looks superb in our Thursday Three Hundred.

The stylish Uptown townhome at 3845 Convent St. Unit 7 is walking distance to Exall Park, close to Baylor Hospital, and minutes from the heart of Uptown, Deep Ellum, and Lower Greenville.

It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2,155 square feet on three stories (plus the rooftop), built in 2009. From its rooftop space, you’ve got downtown skyline views, and room for seating and a grill. All this for under $400K!