Real Estate Story

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the South Texas coastline on Aug. 25. In Houston, the endless rain would take its toll on the city, leaving much of it underwater for days.

The moment Hurricane Harvey hit, everyone called family and friends to see if they were safe and find out what we could do. My first call was to my friends Suzy and Brian. Brian is a vice president with an energy company. Suzy is a designer and owner of an antique shop. They have two boys and a Labradoodle. They live in West Houston close to Buffalo Bayou. This is their story. (more…)


There is a print pub in Houston called Houstonia Magazine.  Seems the Ashton-Martini Group of agents at Martha Turner Sotheby’s International ran an ad in the magazine — the ad above (photo credit to Chris Skiles) and a couple of subscribers to the magazine got miffed. What bothered them? They were upset that the ad depicted a mixed-race marriage — white mother, black father, and three darling biracial babies.

I know, I am scratching my head, too. Can you double check me here? Is it 2015? Thought so.

In the words of Houstonia editor-in-chief, Scott Vogel, a doctor in Tomball, a suburb of Houston in Harris County, was provoked by the Ashton Martini Group’s biracial real estate “message” sitting in his waiting room — so he rattled off an email to the advertiser: (more…)

Millennial Homebuyers

Millennial Homebuyers are missing from the market, but Austin and Dallas may be better values first-time homebuyers in this generation over San Antonio and Houston.

Where are all the first-time homebuyers? In their cozy rentals, that’s where!

With a market almost completely devoid of newby buyers, and the rental market being as competitive as it is (just ask my friend looking for a single-family home in East Dallas!), and prices going up across all segments, it’s just hard to find a place to put your leather couch and Le Creuset stock pot. Millennials hold a lot of potential when it comes to real estate purchases, but where can the find the best value? Is it San Antonio and Houston?



Downtown San Antonio’s Dolorosa Bridge as seen from the Riverwalk

I have a few friends that moved to San Antonio after college. One of them is an architect and the other was a medical student. Both were initially bummed about moving to the Alamo City. It was so different from Houston and Austin and Dallas. They weren’t sure they would like it. They didn’t know a lot of people there.

I now see them post cool photos of cycling trips, historic buildings, trips to local watering holes and parks … they either learned to love San Antonio, or they busted their bottom to build the momentum the city needed to be a cool place. And you know what? More and more Millennials are doing the same thing, opting for San Antonio and Houston over Dallas and Austin according to Trulia’s dissection of U.S. Census Bureau surveys.