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George Jetson would be so jealous. So would George Lucas. When this University Park Contemporary at 4404 Greenbrier crossed our digital desktops, we did double and triple takes. We could not wait to get it posted. There is quite simply nothing like this neo-futuristic home in Dallas. Maybe anywhere. Oh and it’s open on Sunday. AND it’s in Highland Park Independent School System: win and WIN! (more…)

1322 Kessler Parkway extGuest Post by Kevin Day

I remember when this house was being built I was crazy about it, but my friends just thought I was crazy! “One of a kind” kinda falls short whilst taking in the exceptional uber modern construction of the property that holds court at 1322 Kessler Parkway. Rarely does such a great property beautifully embody the nature that surrounds the structures, but oh this puppy enhances nature like only a Park Avenue plastic surgeon could. This creation not happen by chance.

Built in 1999, renowned architect Gary Cunningham brought to life a vision that was very ahead of it’s time, and a truly timeless masterpiece. Perched and hidden in the treetops of Kessler Park, once known as Pill Hill for the large population of Doctors that lived in the area, (NOT Valley of the Dolls) one of the most striking visuals you notice as you approach this property is the three (count them, three) two-story walls of sparkling windows. After parking on the street level you approach the home on foot up the incline of stairs. You can choose to enter into a foyer and continue up to the main living area or sit with friends in the pebble terrace by the koi pond and enjoy a merlot and selection of your favorite cheeses.1322-kessler-02 1322-kessler-03 1322 Kessler Parkway DR 1322 Kessler Parkway master

I, myself, would stop for cheese with anyone.

Speaking of that cheese, go ahead and buy it by the barrel: this home is so meticulously thought out that an electric trolley runs seamlessly from the ground floor garage to the main house. Zip line? No, a convenient way of hauling your groceries and purchases up the walkway to the three-story residence! Every house should have one of these!

Going up one level into the enclosed portion of the home you are in the world’s most wonderful treehouse. This 3043 sq ft one bedroom, one and a half bath home has a detached 2 bedroom guest house, also built among the tree tops, with a bridge connecting the two structures. I cannot stress enough how this is a must see for the most unique buyer. The irregular lot is just 50 foot shy of being a triangle and absolutely covered in lush vegetation and mature trees so much so you can easily drive by the property and miss it. Landscaping highlights have been brought to life using indigenous plants selected by the very talented landscape architect David Hocker. I LOVE that living driveway!

With a street level attractive two car garage and a roof top terrace this is one of Oak Cliff’s premier residences. Listed at a mere $1,295,000 by David Nichols of the Mathews-Nichols Group this home will go to one very progressive leader of industry, he or she that loves the out of doors, with a great sense of style and taste and, also, a bit of merlot and cheese by the koi pond!1322-kessler-09 1322-kessler-10



This is why you should shoot a twilight photo for a listing. Gorgeous, no?

When I look at a house, I ask myself, “Self, what do you love about this house?”

Sometimes I say, “The kitchen, but I could live without the glitter toilet seat on the master commode.”

And other times I say, “What is there not to love?”

I found myself saying just that to myself after receiving a missive from a longtime reader, first-time house porn pusher telling all about 1322 Kessler Parkway. This North Oak Cliff  home is a work of art and is on the market for $1.295 million.

Marketed by David Nichols of the Matthew-Nichols Group, this Gary Cunningham-designed glass-walled treehouse is absolutely stunning. Reminds you of Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, doesn’t it? Truly, this home is a temple to the contemporary. The polished concrete, the exposed steel supports, the suspension cables — it’s industrial chic!

The main house has a master suite on the home’s top-most level, with formals, a half bath, and a gorgeous kitchen on the floor below. The guest house, which is great for privacy, is a smaller version of the main house, with two bedrooms connected by a large and luxurious bathroom.

This house is earth friendly, with geo-thermal temperature control, and it’s human-friendly, with a trolley that can haul your groceries up to the house from the garage so you don’t have to.

I don’t know if I could do a better job of describing this house than the listing on the Matthews-Nichols site. But the photos are just jaw-dropping. So is the price, for that matter!

Not all bachelor pads are meant to be laundry-strewn hell holes with a permanent funky smell that can only be described as expired Chinese food and sweaty socks. Some bachelors — especially those who want to actually get dates — prefer to keep their homes tidy and spare, with just enough room for everything a bachelor needs and nothing they don’t.

For the bachelor who wants a clutter-free life, I offer 4438 Cole Ave. #4 marketed by Forest Gregg of Allie Beth Allman & Associates. This one-bedroom, one-bath townhome designed by Gary Cunningham is modern and sleek, with concrete floors and counters, a compact fireplace, a vanishing kitchen, and vaulted ceilings.

You might be asking yourself “What exactly is a vanishing kitchen?” Well, you know how some small kitchens tend to be a tight-fitting galley style, with a stove and refrigerator flanking an awkward work area that barely fits one person, much less two? Well, this townhome has the range and refrigerator tucked behind some gorgeous bamboo cabinetry, which keeps the kitchen concealed when not in use. Besides, being the bachelor you are, you’re going to be spending much more time eating takeout than actually cooking, amiright?

Upstairs you’ll find a good-sized bedroom and a clean, no-frills bath. Why make things more complicated than they need to be, right?

This home, priced at $195,000, is all about the location, really. Sandwiched between McKinney Ave. and Travis Street and just south of Knox, you’ll be close to the best bars and restaurants that Uptown and the Park Cities have to offer. The bachelor that buys this abode won’t have to worry about owning a car, either. This location is super bike friendly.

I am choosing 6124 St. Andrews as my Candy Sale of the Week because it is a true tree house in Dallas. I am heading west today, to sample the beautiful living in the trees of Northern California at Calistoga Ranch. This hidden architectural treasure designed by Gary Cunningham, AIA, gave me packing inspiration.

And it is also the most amazing one-bedroom home in North Texas. Really, this is the most perfect empty-nester retirement home ever. You are not rocking on the porch. You are communing with the trees and nature surrounded by exquisite design!

Cunningham chose Pennsylvania blue stone for the exterior, both irregular slab pieces and  a cut stacked design that evokes a  controlled ramshackle, blend-in-with-nature feel. Then there is the standing seam copper roof that has the aged patina to blend in beautifully with the setting. The home is glass view of gardens upon glass view of gardens. Every angle from all of the living areas of the home takes advantage of the walls of glass, truly connecting the home with its magnificent setting. Your feet will tap on the stained concrete concrete floors and you may think you are in the mountains. The first floor holds the living room, library, gorgeous over-the-top kitchen with maple cabinetry and a window wall with glass shelving that floods the kitchen with natural light. Nearby is the informal dining room, a trophy room/family room and laundry room.

The 26 by 14 foot master bedroom suite is upstairs, but no worries: this home has an elevator for the weak-kneed. The master also views the gardens through more glass, and there are dual baths and probably the most famous master closet in town. There is a sitting room with a hidden bar, open to the two-story living room below. Then there is the bridge —  a dramatic suspended walkway that connects the sitting room to a private glass walled office. (The office could easily be converted to a second bedroom and full bath.) The finishes of every square inch are obsessively perfect, from the smooth as a baby’s butt glass finish walls to the smallest hardware details. Yes, it is a 7631 square foot, one-bedroom house with two and a half baths. It was built as a downsizing home and is a Baby Boomer’s dream house: a 3-car garage for the sports cars one can finally have now that Suburbans can be put to pasture, or to the ranch, multiple storage rooms for scrapbooks, sprinkler, security and mosquito systems so you can enjoy the woods and dinner without becoming dinner. Listed with David Nichols, Mathews Nichols Group, for $5,750,000. The home has been on the market since April and the price has not so much as thought about heading south. Don’t blame them. This home is one of the treasure homes of Dallas.

Scott Womack

Several of my friends have ditched Park Cities/Preston Hollow for The Peninsula — why? Check out this listing by Janice Parson at 9217 Peninsula Drive — on the market for $675,000 — and not even built yet! (The price includes the house completed at 2700 square feet.) A mid century modern flair, the builder is waiting for a buyer to snag this 82 by 160 lot.¬† Janice also has another home coming up in the area for $299,000. So no duh — this area is scenic, pastoral, and like living in a second home year ’round!

It’s also got some history. Ebby Halliday is not the only person having a centurion birthday this year — the White Rock Lake dam was completed a century ago and more than 20 lake user groups are planning celebratory events that begin March 19 and lead up to June 26 ‚Äî the date the dam was completed. Perfectly befitting, the honorary centennial chairwoman of the Dam Celebration is our own Dallas real estate icon Ebby Halliday, who of course turns 100 March 9. Like, Wednesday!

Over her 100 year lifeline, White Rock Lake has gone through many changes, from being a city water source, to a popular sporting destination, to a perennial party scene for teenagers and even weddings. The park department and advocacy groups¬† — like Jeannie Terelli — have all pitched in to clean up the lake and park, which has only helped maintain and raise the values of the properties.

Because who wouldn’t want to live within walking distance of this gorgeous body of water? Living in The Peninsula is like a year-round vacation spot. People who buy here brag all the time that it’s like having a vacation house at the lake —but it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Dallas.

HISTORY: The Peninsula was established in 1927 as second and vacation homes built originally as charming lake cottages for folks who lived in “faraway” Dallas.

Population: 280  homes

Zip Code: 75218

Home styles: Cottages, ranches, a few newer Mediterranean‚Äôs, and a growing influx of newly built mid century-modern homes. Look for houses by Cliff Welch, Gary Cunningham, Jerry Stark and Case Study Homes‚Äô Doug Hildinger. It’s hopping: Chase Corker, an architect who does a lot of homes in Forest Hills and East Dallas, owns a number of properties in the neighborhood and is building a new home for a client.

Average home price: $275,000 to $350,000 for a small cottage; $700,000-plus nets you a larger interior home with a lake view. Be prepared to pay more for a home with a front or backyard views of the lake or park. Cash buyers, not too much wiggle room here.

Average home size: 800 square feet to 4,500 square feet. Most houses are in the 1,400- to 2,000-square-foot range.

Lot value: Prices vary; a 50-by-130 can sell for $200,000 to $250,000 depending on lake proximity. See why builders love it?

Average lot size: 60-by-135, though some are 60-by-200. There are also some half-acre lots that owners have stitched together.

What They Won‚Äôt Tell You: People love what restaurateur Jeannie Terilli and musician Erykah Badu have known for years‚Äîlife in The Peninsula is like living in a perpetual vacation zone. You get cottages, architecturally significant, or eclectic nestled on the banks of White Rock Lake. There’s sailing, running, sports, even horseback riding!

The Dirt – Who Lives There: Agents say there is a quiet influx of Park Cities and Lakewood empty-nesters happening, but the area still has plenty of families. The strong neighborhood association tamps down crime, and many residents work out of their homes, watching each other‚Äôs properties. Kind of elegant crunch: an organic gas station with an organic taco restaurant called The Green Spot opened on the corner of Buckner and Northcliff — they recycle grease!. There is also a huge Farmers Market for organic veggies at least once a month. Wholesome Foods Bakery, which started in Lake Highlands, a yummy gluten-free baker, just opened up in the same center: amazing breads and desserts. Thriving. Jena Johnson and Pauline O’Hare’s Good 2Go Taco just opened at Peavy and Garland Road.

Scuttlebut: Like a selective pre-school, getting into the neighborhood can be tough. Agents maintain lists of interested buyers, but people generally stay put. This is one place where you might benefit by knocking on doors and asking, “are you interested in selling your home?” Just don’t be surprised when folks say, um, not really.

Would I Live There? In a heartbeat. In fact, several of my friends ditched the Park Cities for The Peninsula.

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