Go Back to the Future In This Unique University Park Contemporary

Devonshire Contemporary

George Jetson would be so jealous. So would George Lucas. When this University Park Contemporary at 4404 Greenbrier crossed our digital desktops, we did double and triple takes. We could not wait to get it posted. There is quite simply nothing like this neo-futuristic home in Dallas. Maybe anywhere. Oh and it’s open on Sunday. AND it’s in Highland Park Independent School System: win and WIN!

The house was designed by award-winning architect Gary Cunningham, well known for his contemporary vision, for his family. You’ve seen Cunningham’s work. He’s built the Dallas Power and Light Utility Station by the Katy Trail, the Highland Park Pool House, and Cistercian Abbey Church, to name only a few. And you should know our mantra by now —if you can buy a house built by an architect for himself, nab it.

Devonshire Contemporary

The adventure began in 1996 when they poured the slab for this University Park contemporary. The home is built with tilt-up walls. To break that down as best we can, it means a metal framework is put on the floor, the interior rebar and steel are inserted, then the concrete is poured. These walls had two concrete pours because the owners added Styrofoam between the pours for better insulation. Then comes the fun part. Once the concrete is cured, a crane tilts up the wall into place. That’s your architecture lesson for the day.

It’s the way warehouses are built, so you know this house is going to withstand gale force winds. You will notice since the walls were poured onsite, the family was able to incorporate artistic designs by imprinting local plants from around the property. Pretty darned clever.

Devonshire Contemporary

Devonshire Contemporary
The University Park contemporary was built in stages. The tower came first and was completed in 2002. A bridge connects the tower to the main house.

In all, there are three interior levels, 3,100-square-feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, one powder bath and a tree-top study. Oh, and possibly the coolest roof deck we’ve ever seen. So, you actually have four levels of living space.

Now, remember although this is one of the best homes for entertaining we’ve seen in ages, it this was built for a family. Four children grew up in this home, which is in the coveted Highland Park Independent School District. Those glass walls are great for keeping an eye on any shenanigans in the pool.

“It’s been a real adventure to live here,” Jan Cunningham said.

“Even though it looks elegant, it’s a very livable house, and it’s a fun house. I’m going to miss a lot about this home, like the living room. The glass walls across the south act as an enormous picture window to the pool and trees. I love sitting there and looking out. I’ll miss the feeling of living in a tree house.”


University Park This spectacular contemporary is listed by Dave Perry Miller’s Betty Crawford  for $1.825 million, and is open from 3 to 5 p.m.  Sunday, April 29th.

Note: this story has been updated to correct the location from Devonshire to UP.

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