MidwayWe’ve pretty much found a unicorn — a North Dallas rental off of Midway Road for less than $2,000 that is close to several great schools, great grocery shopping, and great dining.

This two-bedroom, one bath home at 4239 Bonham Street has a lot to recommend it. Not only has it retained all of its Midcentury, 1953 period charm (check out all the built-ins scattered throughout the home), but it’s got a great backyard with even more living space. (more…)

St. Michael’s 2016 plan to develop Frederick Square

Yesterday, Holly Haber of The Dallas Morning News’ Philanthropy page noted that the Perot family had donated $15 million to the Episcopal School of Dallas. The money is to help ESD’s younger students move from Saint Michael and All Angels Church (in Preston Center) to the main ESD campus on Merrell Road.  The $44.3 million in total contributions so far place fundraising over halfway to the $75 million goal.

All well and good, but how is Saint Michael’s going to replace the income lost from the school?


Photo via ESD's Facebook page

Photo via ESD’s Facebook page

If you’ve been wondering — as we have — why signs regarding a zoning change have been hanging on the fence at Episcopal School of Dallas, you got your answer in the Metro section of the Feb. 24 Dallas Morning News. As David Flick reports, ESD wants to build a new lower school on a 7.6-acre plot south of its Midway Road campus that is currently occupied by single-family houses. That would allow ESD’s youngest students to leave their facility at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church near Preston Center and be at the same location as all of their older schoolmates.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, some people who live near ESD are not happy about this proposal. Their NIMBY (Not In My Backyard, for the uninitiated) concerns about increased traffic echo those voiced by neighbors of the Alcuin School, where officials are proposing the opposite change: adding high school sophomores, junior, and seniors to a campus that has traditionally served only youngsters.

Today, the Alcuin School’s proposed changes were approved by the Plan Commission. They move on to the full council, so the battle of schools vs. neighbors is far from over.