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If you still haven’t nailed down pre-K yet, and you have a three or four-year-old, Dallas ISD has news: There’s a good chance you can find a spot anywhere in the city, no matter what your income is.

Just before the July break, the district’s board of trustees approved a program that would extend the pre-K program to include more children by raising family income limits and offering scholarships. 

The district’s Racial Equity Office and the Early Learning department said the new policy would help address structural racial inequities and bring the successful early-learning program to more families.

Currently, the state has six eligibility requirements for families to qualify for free pre-K centered around circumstances like special needs, income, and language. The new Dallas ISD policy gives three new potential qualifiers. (more…)

Despite a slight increase in summer slide last year, a new report showed that students who attended Dallas ISD pre-K outperformed students who didn’t.

The news didn’t sound totally great, but there were some bright spots in a report provided to Dallas ISD trustees on early learning program, and enough to show that the trajectory afforded by a robust focus on early learning was continuing to pay off.

Trustees were walked through the report by Ivonne Durant, the district’s chief academic officer, and Derek Little, assistant superintendent of early learning.

The program, Durant explained, encompasses pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

“We’re looking at students from three-year-olds all the way to, in some cases, eight years.”

“We continue to see that pre-k makes a big difference,” Little said. “We continue to see the same benefits in kindergarten with students who attended pre-K with the district.” (more…)