Photo: Dwell Magazine

The Monogram Modern Home pre-fabricated modern home has made four stops in American cities so far. It will be in the Dallas Design District Aug. 21-22. Photo: Dwell Magazine

If modern design makes you merry, then the Monogram Modern Home Dallas event is a must-attend Aug. 21-22.

Popping up for one weekend in the Decorative Center Dallas at 1617 Hi Line Dr., the Monogram Modern Home is a pop-up, pre-fab modern home, host to a series of events, including culinary tastings, product demonstrations, and Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for accredited industry professionals.

The event is part of a partnership between Dwell Magazine and Monogram Appliances that takes them on the road to six U.S. cities in six months: Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, and Boston.

“The goal of the Monogram Modern Home is to get the Monogram brand in front of as many design-oriented consumers and professionals as we can—that’s why we decided to take it on the road,” said Michael Mahan, General Manager for Monogram. “We’ve partnered up with Dwell to offer CEU credits at each of our locations so designers can come in, get their certifications they need for the year, and enjoy a great day with the Monogram brand.”


This uptown home, owned by a very well-known interior designer, is on the market for $395,000.

It’s funny how, just like their owners, houses have distinct personalities. I imagine some as refined Scotch drinkers who both have and are acquired tastes. Some are classics, some are works of art, and some are better off seeing the business end of a wrecking ball.

And some, well, they take your breath away like a gorgeous gal in a trendy sportscar. That’s 2712 Throckmorton, which is marketed by David Griffin himself! With all of the angles, textures, and colors, this home will get your engine running!

As I understand it, this unit is one of six designed by architect Ed Baum. Not only are the homes stunning, but they have an award-winning pedigree, too. Besides being recognized by the American Institute of Architecture, “These homes have been published (including a feature story in DWELL magazine) and have received most positive attention in the press for their innovative and forward thinking urban design,” the listing says.

This two-bedroom, two-bath unit is centered around a gorgeous courtyard. Large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living area and one of the bedrooms look in on the outdoor space, which would be perfect for entertaining.

Everything about this house is tres chic and super sleek, from the kitchen with bamboo and stainless, to the painted beam ceiling, even to the hallway, which, with huge bookshelves, is perfect for any bibliophile.

This is Uptown, though, and with all this space (more than 1,600 square feet, if you’re keeping track!), expect to fork over some dough. With this home, you really do pay for location, and this location doesn’t disappoint, clocking in at more than $236 per square foot!

Of course, it’s a great spot, smack dab between the Tollway and Oak Lawn. You get accessibility and culture (and nightlife!) and a really sexy house!