Ultimate Garage Makeovers: Small Spaces Can Have Huge Potential

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A 571-square-foot garage is now move-in ready for an aging parent.

Has your garage become a catch-all for everything you don’t use on a daily basis? Conway Reimer gets it. In fact, he’s built a business around it. As the owner of CandysDirt.com Approved Builder Garage Living, it’s his mission to help homeowners make the most of this oft-neglected space.

“We love the challenge of designing and making over the garage to represent a client’s aesthetic,” he says.

(Garage Living)

For a recent project, Reimer added a laundry station (washer, dryer, and utility sink); secure and bulk storage areas; and a built-in television. A visit to the Garage Living showroom introduced the client to the myriad of possibilities.

“The initial design was much more utilitarian.”

“We added several custom touches and color combinations that made the space unique to them,” he says. “Since the install, the owners and grandchildren use the space almost daily.”

(Jade Chang; Design by Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors)

Another timely makeover: transforming the garage into a study room. These designated, well-equipped work spaces provide a conducive environment for home schooling.

Two iterations featured in an HGTV photo gallery caught our eye. The first features a wall-length desk, gallery display board, lounge area, and ample floor space for games and activities.

A second work/play option comes complete with individual, brightly-colored nooks. This unique space also features an art center, climbing wall, tumbling mats, swings, and modular storage unit.

Vafa Construction gave a traditional two-car garage in Lakewood a total revamp. First, they allotted space for the owner’s Tesla (including a charging station). Which left the other half of the garage available to build a cabana that opens up to the pool.

“We put in a mini-kitchen, bar, island, and living/dining space,” says Emily Vafa. “They can just move the car out and have an amazing party and entertainment space.”

This versatile space doubles as a library and guest house.

Avid readers will appreciate the transformation of a 400-square-foot garage into a library and guest room.

Architect Everald Colas of Storyn Studio for Architecture created this serene space for a Florida couple.  A bespoke bookshelf doubles as a structural element, supporting a cozy upper-level sleeping loft.

“My favorite part of the renovation was working closely with the owners,” Colas shared with Dwell magazine. “The library provides exactly the kind of sanctuary they were looking for—and it doubles as a guesthouse.”

With the upswing in working at home, office space remains a popular request. Salt Lake City designer Suzanne Dingley admits to having used her garage as a dumping ground for tools, lawn equipment, and discarded furniture — that is, until her husband started his own business.

(Susan Dingley)

Dingley replaced the overhead garage door with two sets of French doors, allowing natural light to flow in. Contemporary furnishings and colors made the space an enjoyable place to work.

Multi-generational housing is another growing market.

This tiny house renovation project was the brainchild of a Seattle-based couple. With a shortage of affordable housing available, Best Practice Architecture converted their backyard garage into a 571-square-foot, move-in-ready dwelling for an aging parent.

(Architectural Digest)

The space is comprised of a living, dining, and kitchen area, a bedroom, and a spacious bathroom. A lofted area could easily be transformed into an office. Future uses run the gamut, from using the property as a rental unit to other income-generating opportunities for the family.

The only limit? The imagination of the homeowner. (Think home gym, meditation room, workshop, art gallery, yoga studio.)

“Garage spaces are living spaces. You want to elevate it to be consistent with the quality of your home,” says Reimer.

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