Photo: Tarin Frantz

One of the hottest trends popping up this Fall season is painted case goods and that’s not according to us, that’s according to Chairish’s official, “10 Fall Décor Trends To Know NOW.” They put “NOW” in caps so you know time is of the essence.

Sure, you can find painted credenzas, dressers, nightstands, and the like at tons of big-box retailers. Beautiful pieces made to make your room pop, but what if you want something a little more personal? What if you have a piece you love that needs a little updating? That’s when it’s time to call in the pros at Llave Designs.

Blanca and Derandon Davis started Llave Designs in 2012 and they’ve been building up a steady clientele ever since.

Photo: Emery Davis


Oh oh, I found some really bad design in a home up in Plano listed with Cindy O’Gorman for $2,365,000. All I can say, if all these dramatic drapes come with the house, play Scarlett O’Hara and whip them into a dress. Or use them to cover up that purple furniture.

And note how the dining room furniture is dwarfed by those tall ceilings?