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West Love: Inwood, Harry Hines and Denton Drive

Let’s get our noses out of house porn for a minute to wander through an up and coming neighborhood. DCAD calls it Lovedale 2 (or unappetizingly Slaughters Brookdale), but as far as I know, it has no fancy name to woo buyers to its hipness. It’s pre-hip. If other hip locales cool, maybe this area becomes a hip replacement (boooo, bad pun, bad Jon).

I’ll call it West Love Field or West Love … hmmm, I like that … West Love … and homes are selling FAST! In the hours it took to write this, two of the properties featured below went under contract.

East of Love Field has been in full-on gentrification mode for a while now, only pausing for the recession (as did we all), but West Love hasn’t really gotten any lovin’. It’s loosely bounded by Denton Drive, Harry Hines and Inwood. There are plenty of warehouses on Denton Drive, but there are also a lot of smaller cute starter homes that are a hop from downtown, UTSW and the monkeyshines of the Gayborhood … oh, and Love Field. Perfect for medical folks or air mattresses, trolley dollies in-flight personnel.

Speaking of the airport … I said, SPEAKING OF THE AIRPORT … Oaklawnians have lived cheek by jowl with Love Field since the beginning (well, since 1917 when it opened as an army pilot training facility). The “Oaklawn Pause” is what happens when a plane flies over during a conversation; it pauses. Homes east and west of Love Field are somewhat better off. Planes take-off and land from the north-south, meaning these east and west areas are not being directly flown over – but what a cool place for a roof deck.

For many years when homes hit the market, they were in somewhat calamitous condition. That’s changing, but things are still wonderfully affordable here and sure to rise. How wonderfully affordable? Try $125,000 to $135,000 for 1,100 to 2,031 square feet, many on pretty sizeable lots 50-foot lots!

Here’s a smattering of what’s available and going gone fast.


Actually, by Guest Blogger John Burgdorf

The Champ d’Or, one of the most expensive estates in Texas, is back on the market for nearly $70,000,000 — $69,900,000 to be exact. (That’s $100,000 to negotiate.) The 48,000. sq foot mega mansion is located in Hickory Creek right across the Denton county/Tarrant county line. I have been following updates on the Champ and recently made the trek up to Hickory Creek, from Arlington, to go visit the estate…visit as in (shucky darn) ‚Äúgo look around‚Äù, not ‚Äúinvited in‚Äù.

As I traveled I35¬† glancing for my exit, I spotted the tip of the Champ’s rotunda. Kind of like the descent going into Reagan International. You take Denton Drive off of I35E — took me right to Turbeville Road; the country-like, curb-less crunchy lane led me through an area of wooded acres and green landscaping. Finally, there it was. Not too hard to miss, all 48,000 square feet rising like a $70 million dollar phoenix..

But I gotta tell you one thing – -and hope Candy won’t mind:

Turbeville Road is a complete dump. Actually, I will give some, but very little, credit to the street: the maintenance of the props in front of the Champ d’Or are kept in good shape, but other parts are just rundown and old!¬† (One wonders who is paying for the upkeep.) The roads are cracking, potholes are getting bigger, and the weeds are overgrowing onto the street. ¬†If you didn’t know, the Champ d’Or is actually one of the only residences on Turbeville Road. At the end of the street is a sandy, rocky cul-de-sac with three dirt roads branching off the circle. Worn down barns, potholes, and overgrown weeds are some attractions seen from the front gates of the Champ. Yup, those are your neighbors.

But despite the ill-kept streets and uncared-for surroundings, Turbeville Road is a calm, tranquil location. Traffic is very limited and I am sure the sunrises are to-die-for. As is the urban waterfall of trains from the Denton railroads and cars from I35.

Whether you are a critic or fan of the Champ d’Or, undoubtedly this estate is one of the finest in the United States. And it gives us something to blog about every time the owners, Alan H. and Shirley Goldfield change agents.

Let’s start a wager right here: will Champs D’Or ever sell, and if it ever does, how much?