The concept behind Nickson Living is so genius, you will wonder why you didn’t think of the idea first.

We know that more and more consumers are embracing rentals — homes, apartments, clothes, rides. Millennials are leading the pack as the generation that orders everything online and wants to actually own as little as possible. They are nomadic, they are mobile, and they are more into experiences than “things.” But you do need a few things to live.

That’s where Nickson Living comes in. The Dallas startup has disrupted apartment living with a subscription furniture model. Like a Rent-The-Runway for homes, Nickson gives consumers the ability to completely furnish an apartment online, so you can move where you want to live and have your home instantly furnished the moment you set foot in the door.

Instead of buying a whole bunch of furniture (and then disposing or frantically trying to sell on local selling apps when you move again), you lease everything from towels to a sofa from Nickson Living, all for a flat monthly fee. You never have to lift a finger or move a single box again.


take command health

For Realtors, the search for quality health insurance can be an exercise in frustration. As independent contractors, you’re usually responsible for finding individual health insurance on your own. And to say the marketplace is confusing is an understatement.

“Trying to find the right health plan that fits your needs can be very difficult, time consuming, and frustrating for anyone not covered by a group insurance plan,” said Todd Peoples, Partner at Take Command Health, which offers Realtors a simple way to find and enroll in a health plan.

This Dallas-based startup is an innovative health insurance platform, similar to TurboTax, but for health insurance. Using big data and plain language, they help Realtors navigate the market and find the right health plan. They are ready to help for 2017 open enrollment, which is happening now and ends Dec. 15 for plans that begin Jan. 1, 2017.

“Realtors will find more plans on our site than or the TREC site because we focus on putting all your options forward, not just the ones that pay large commissions,” Peoples said. “Instead of just presenting all of the plans and saying, ‘Good luck finding the best plan for you,’ we actually guide our users through a custom survey process that includes a few questions about their doctors, prescriptions, and conditions they have. The end result is a customized health plan that fits their lives.”