When Allie Beth Allman agent Erin Seeds first moved back to Dallas, she did what everyone usually does: went apartment hunting. Few people are ready to plunk down a down payment and buy a home when they first move to town, even if they have family here.

“It was a disaster,” says Erin. “All I wanted was to find a reasonably priced apartment that was good for me and my two dogs. I quickly learned that the apartment search process was so broken.”

The information she needed wasn’t available. Many good-looking apartment sites provided ratings, but those ratings were skewed, random, and not very actionable. There were no objective quality standards.

There is no MLS for apartment property search, no giant Zillow for rentals. Well, not yet. There are agents who specialize in apartment search, collecting an average of one month’s rent as commission: extra developer perks might be tempting. And when it comes to searching for amenities, most apartment search platforms come right from the landlord: not exactly what we would call objective, right?

“No one was concerned with quality or fit for the consumer,” says Erin. “It was all about the agent.” (more…)


Skyrocketing prices and appraisals are good news for Dallas homeowners who want to sell, but what about those who want to buy? According to data just released by Apartment List, 79 percent of Millennials who are renting would prefer to own a home, but cite high prices as the biggest barrier to homeownership.

The data, which comes from 30,000 Millennial renters surveyed by Apartment List, shows that those who want to own a home are putting off their purchase until at least 2018. But if housing prices continue to rise, could the affordability gap grow, too?


The Gables Republic Tower was a good fit for Ashley Stanley's investor client.

The Gables Republic Tower was a good fit for Ashley Stanley’s investor client.

By Ashley Stanley
Special Contributor

Have you ever found yourself in need of a quick turn-key apartment rental. What do I mean by that? I have an investor client who lives in Plano, but is a part of Tech Wildcatters for the next three months at the Alto 211 Building on Ervay Street. Not a long commute, but the hours are odd and he simply wants a place to crash after working his brain cells all day. So he messaged me and asked if I knew of anything nearby. Yup!

After a quick search in my database there were really only two options for a short term lease. Gables Republic Tower was the closest and is definitely the most respectable building with many corporate travelers. An ambiance desired and deserved by any investor looking to unwind. Plus, check out this rooftop pool!


2220 Canton 103 Living

I think you know by now that this building is pretty much my favorite lofts in Dallas. It has a great location, wonderful views, and fabulous amenities. And it has a true, open loft layout that makes any decor look swank.

These units aren’t often up for rent, and when they do, they tend to go for a high price. Perhaps you’re in a situation where you need to move and don’t quite have any furniture. Or you’re in Dallas only temporarily and don’t want to deal with the craziness of packing up all of your decor and furnishings and sending them to a new city only to do the same thing 12 months later.


Ritz Tower

Holy moly, now this is living well! We love the Residences at the Ritz Carlton, as do many a millionaire and socialite in Dallas. The location is amazing, the views are gorgeous, and the amenities are matchless inside this exclusive condo development. And if you want to live there without the obligation of a mortgage, you can rent a prime unit for a whopping $10K a month!

Unit 702 inside this opulent building has two bedrooms, two full and one half baths, more than 2,100 square feet, and tons of marble everywhere. It’s fresh to the market from Dave Perry-Miller Intown Realtor Emily Ray Porter, who has also listed this unit for sale at $1.49 million.


Maple-Corner-ViewThe Gables, UCR:  for the past couple weeks I have heard that one of Dallas’ most cherished landmarks, our very own Melrose Place,  is getting serious glances from developers who just might want to yank her down.

(I am shuddering already! They will cover every square inch of the property!)

That would be the Maple Terrace, a renown 90 year old Uptown apartment building that was one of Dallas’ first luxury residential buildings. All the Who’s Who in entertainment, design and writing have lived at the Maple Terrace at one time. Designed in 1925 by noted British architect Alfred Bossom, who also designed the Magnolia Building, the 80 unit rental building is across the street from the Stoneleigh Terrace Hotel (now a Meridian) and the new Stoneleigh condos. At the time of construction, it was the biggest use of stucco in the world — now I think Deion Sanders house is. Oh how far we have come! (more…)

2900 Mckinnon 506 Living Dining

Word comes from Homes.com that Dallas is the second to only Atlanta as one of the best cities for new college graduates to thrive in. Our average starting salary, reasonable rents, low unemployment rate, and higher-than-average number of nearby colleges and universities makes us a great place to live for debt-crippled former students who have developed a taste for ramen noodles and cheap beer.

“In a still-recovering economy, where the job market remains uncertain and the repayment of student loans is a daunting reality for many recent grads, the ideal place for many may be wherever that first job is landed,” according to Homes.com. “Nonetheless, some cities are more promising than others, providing college grads exceptional opportunities for growing careers and affordable housing.”


4242 Lomo Alto Dining

Every time I see an incredible condo swathed in white carpet and upholstery, I always think about how I could never live there because folks, I am accident prone and I love red wine. When I bought my first nice piece of furniture (an antique cane-back chair with gorgeous blue and white damask upholstery) I was so afraid to sit in it because I couldn’t bear the thought of staining it. It has since been reupholstered with a lovely cocoa nubby linen, with a liberal coat of Scotchgard.

But what I wouldn’t give to live in our lease of the week, a divine penthouse in Highland Park’s Crestmark condos. Unit 112 is simply ethereal, and the views are unmatched! You can lease it for a tidy $6,000 a month through Allie Beth Allman herself.