District 9

When it comes to city council races, politics play a big part in the health of Dallas — and therefore the health of the real estate market.

After the May 4 election, there were six races (five city and one Dallas ISD school board race) where none of the candidates reached the 50 percent threshold required to win outright, kicking off an extended election season that will culminate with a runoff election on June 8.

The race for Mark Clayton’s District 9 seat will also be settled this Saturday in a runoff election, with Paula Blackmon getting 36.86 percent of the vote, and Erin Moore getting 31.82 percent in the general election held in May.

We solicited questions from readers and voters to craft a comprehensive questionnaire for each individual race. Both Blackmon and Moore have answered our questionnaire, and some of their responses follow. Their full responses are at the end of this story. (more…)