Hicks Main House-Rear Garden on North Side

Steve Brown alerted us to word that Andy Beal was making a play for the two most expensive homes in Dallas, Tom and Cinda Cree Hicks’ glorious $100 MILLION Walnut Place, formerly known as the Crespi Estate.

Steve said that Beal is considering both the Crespi Estate (move in with your solid gold tooth-brush ready) and the $46 million Crow estate on Preston Road, which was taken off the market in early November, as I told you. It was reduced from $59.356 million to $46m, not sure Steve got that message. The $46 million Crow estate would likely be a tear down and a huge building project for a Mark Molthan, John Sebastian or one of our guys. Enormous.

But it would be someone’s total personal dream.

So I did some digging. I think Steve is onto something. Sure enough, the Hicks home status is cancelled — off the market. Went off MLS on November 24.

Well, why would they do that if they wanted to sell it, you ask?

Simple: keep the price and transaction quiet. Brilliant strategy.

Allie Beth and David Nichols are being quite mum, of course, but I hear that the Hicks have recently been looking at both Museum Tower and The Ritz Residences (Tower II) for an interim home while they decide how and where to downsize in Dallas. Word is they have to be out of Walnut Place by March. It’s really amazing because Allie Beth and David just got the listing in March!

This is all conjecture and chatter, but comes from people in the know, so I’m going to throw it out there.

After all, Steve started it. And I cannot think of a better way to end 2015, a killer year in Dallas real estate, than with the sale of a $100 million Dallas home! (more…)

Adrian Peterson

The word is that the running back extraordinaire came in on a chartered jet to Love Field, was met by an agent, and then set off to house hunt. Like here in the Dallas area. We are wondering if y’all have heard anything about this, or know which homes he might have taken a gander at. (We’ve got a few selections.) Peterson is from Palestine, Texas and has a home in Houston. Comment lines are wide open. And y’all have my email.

As you know, the Minnesota Vikings may look at the trade or release of Adrian Peterson this offseason. IF he ends up leaving Minnesota, other teams are looking at picking him up. Like the Dallas Cowboys.

Chez Rhonda

We started the week with a fabulous home on one of my favorite Preston Hollow streets, Mimosa, named for the flower, but I love it for the drink. Mimosa’s been quite a street with famous Dallas names. Rhonda Aikman bought a home here in November of 2010. At the time, I teased that maybe it was a SECOND home since the Aikmans already had a grand home on Highland Drive in Highland Park. And no mention was made of any marital disharmony in a big D Magazine article published shortly thereafter. Well, we know what happened. (more…)

8405 Paseo Del Ocaso CA ext

We love that it’s so close to the beach, bit not ON the beach: better storm protection (more…)

4935 Radbrook extEvery so often, a landmark Dallas home comes along for sale that makes you catch your breath and want to mortgage your first-born child so you can buy it.

Such is the Herman and Mimi Lay estate at 4935 Radbrook Place in Preston Hollow. Have you seen this home in spring? It has oceans of tulips sprouting in colors so vivid you do think you are in Holland. And the azaleas! No wonder the the Lay Ornamental Garden in the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is named in honor of Herman and Mimi.

On June 9, 4935 Radbrook hit the MLS and life has not been the same since. The home, built in 1962, was designed by renown architect Cole Smith, who is married to Sherry Hayslip. The home was built by Hal Anderson.

This month it appears as one of the most beautiful homes in Dallas as anointed by D Home Magazine. Sometimes I don’t agree with those selections, but I have to say this one is right on target! And even better on the inside, I think, than out! The home was custom built for Herman and Sarah Amelia (Mimi) in 1962. Herman Lay, of course, started the H.W. Lay Co., Inc, which is now part of the Frito-Lay corporation.

So in a way, this is a home that potato chips built! (more…)

IHOTW Epping Lane

You have to BUY it first, of course!

I told you that Mike Modano had put his Epping Lane home on the market about the same time he sold his home with former wife Willa Ford on Mimosa. And I may have showed you the old photos of this house before the new Mrs. Mike Modano, the brilliant Allison, got her hands on it. And oh what a talent Allison has — look at how she has transformed this home into a soft, stunning, light bright palette of delicious hues, Carrera marble and the most tasteful fixtures.


The swimming pool. Wall mosaic depicts a fave northern family vacation spot.

It was like a coming out party this afternoon over at 3505 Turtle Creek Blvd. as every high end agent in town tossed on a fur wrap and checked out the former home of Bill and Margot Winspear. Mrs. Winspear now lives in a smaller unit in the same building. You cannot blame her: this one is 14,740 whopping square feet and they were not kidding when they said 24 foot ceilings! I got lost five times and felt like I was in a Matrix-like version of the game CLUE. For some reason, I kept wandering back into the Billiards Room.  Everyone marched through, from Claire Dewar and Nancy Holloway and the whole darn team, half of Briggs-Freeman Sothebys, Erin Mathews and David Nichols (air kisses!) Dawn Rejebian, Debbie Ingram, Katye Sloan, some of US led almost by the hand by listing agent Ralph Randall lest you (ME) get lost. These photos turned out better than I expected given the gloomy day, and Ralph promises o-quality photos soon. Overheard: “At this new reduced price ($6,695,000), whoever buys it is basically pocketing $4 million.”

Porcelain fish in the waterfall poolMedia RoomPool overviewThe dining room, well one of them