endangered places

Located in the city’s first residential historic district, the Aldredge House made the 2015 list for endangered places in Dallas. All photos: Preservation Dallas

We live in a city rich with historically significant homes and buildings. But all too often, they see the wrecking ball instead of preservation and protection.

With so many of our Dallas historic structures having uncertain futures, Preservation Dallas creates an annual Most Endangered Historic Paces List to call the public’s attention to sites that are too meaningful for us to lose.

“We stared the list in 2004 and ran it until 2010, skipping 2009—we then brought it back in 2015,” said David Preziosi, executive director at Preservation Dallas. “The purpose is to raise awareness about the threats many of our historic places are facing. The nominations are collected and a jury reviews them and selects the new list for 2016.”

Nominations are due soon for that 2016 list, which will likely feature some of the homes and buildings we know and love.



Cabana hotel cracks 1

I was down at The House yesterday, where I about fainted when I toured some of the few units left to sell: gorgeous and such a bargain! From the 25th floor, I looked out and saw the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge rising in her majesty, as if she was part of The House design. Then, to the right of MHH I saw The old Cabana Hotel, bordering the Dallas Design District. What a stark contrast (no pun intended, well, maybe intended) to the smooth, clean crisp whiteness of The House. God, I thought, that is going to make an amazing development. Then I drove over to the Cabana just to feel the vibe. Take a close up look. (more…)