Shopping for a home is a bit like dating. Buyers, like daters, are looking for that perfect match. But just because you fall in love doesn’t mean they’ll love you back. Getting down the aisle to happily ever after can take some effort. And you may have to kiss a few frogs in search of the ideal mate.

So what happens when you need to jilt that potential lover – or seller — before your first real encounter? It’s not the love connection you thought it could be and you’ve changed your mind?


By Lydia Blair
Special Contributor

Business conflicts always seem to revolve around money. It’s no surprise that some of the worst disputes we see at title companies are over earnest money: Who wants it. Who is entitled to it. Who thinks they’re entitled to it. Etcetera. It can get uglier than avocado appliances and shag carpet.

When a transaction fails to close, any earnest money that was deposited with the title company must be disbursed to someone. The provisions for this are in the standard contract put out by TREC – the Texas Real Estate Commission. What happens to the earnest money is spelled out clearly. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from fighting over it anyway.


The Allwood Bella Tiny Home – Available through Photo:

Just when you think you have your life under control, things change. After attending the Les Dames d’Escoffier International Conference in Seattle last week, this Lifestylist® realized that lifestyles and trends are changing faster than I thought. Being in the city where Amazon morphed from a dream to a company that has changed the way we shop made me realize that there are very few things that you can’t buy on their site. They even have Amazon Go stores that allow you to stop in and pick up a sandwich or a drink through their app and you never have to show a credit card or cash. Now you can buy luxury appliances, a tiny home and almost everything you need to furnish the home you just bought with a click of your mouse.

Amazon debuts one of it’s first Amazon Go shops in downtown Seattle. Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography


It’s fall, and it finally feels like we’re getting closer to #sweaterweather. As Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage) points out, school is in full swing, pumpkin spice lattes are in every coffee shop, and it’s football season, too! But do you know what it’s also time for? According to Bob, the senior mortgage adviser at the nation’s oldest private lender, Wallick & Volk, it’s time to buy a house!

Don’t believe him? In today’s BobMortgage Zone broadcast, our most-trusted mortgage expert gives you four reasons why fall is a great time to buy a home:


There’s a lot of mystery wrapped up in how you get pre-approved for a mortgage. Part of that lies in the debt-to-income ratio, which is part of the alchemy mortgage companies use to see how much you can borrow for your home. But how do they calculate it, and what’s behind the numbers?

In this week’s BobMortgage Zone episode, our most-trusted mortgage expert peels back the layers of mortgage mystery and shows the math. Educating buyers is one reason Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage) has become the senior mortgage adviser at the nation’s oldest private lender, Wallick & Volk

Get a lesson on debt-to-income ratios and how they affect your mortgage now!


Credit scores are these mythical rankings that, depending on where your credit score lands, can make or break your ability to get a home loan. Right? 

Well, yes and no, as our most-trusted mortgage adviser explains in the latest episode of BobMortgage Zone. Are you putting off purchasing a home until your credit score improves? Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage) the senior mortgage adviser at the nation’s oldest private lender, Wallick & Volk, explains why this strategy may be misguided in some cases. Find out more about what credit scores are acceptable and why buying a home now may be your best bet.


When you buy a home, there are quite a few situations where buyers will need to pay cash to during the length of the transaction. But what are they, and how much will it cost? Our most-trusted mortgage expert, Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage) pulls back the curtain on how much cash you’ll need to buy a home and the four situations where you’ll need it. 

For first-time buyers, the process of buying a home can be fraught with complications. Thank goodness for BobMortgage, the senior mortgage adviser with the nation’s oldest private lender, Wallick & Volk. Educate yourself and your buyer clients with this week’s BobMortgage Zone!



Sometimes roles are reversed, and parents end up needing a hand financially. But what’s the best way to help a parent buy a home when they don’t have the financial means to do it themselves? It’s an interesting situation that Bob Johnson (AKA Bob Mortgage) came across recently. In today’s 15th BobMortgage Zone episode, the senior mortgage adviser at the nation’s oldest private lender, Wallick & Volk, Bob walks us through a situation that may sound familiar to some people, and how to save money when roles of child and parent are reversed. 

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