Peavy 1

Okay, here we go again: photos from the Real Estate Crypt. Here is another moderately priced home, $325,00. And here is not just another amateur photography job BUT! we have glowing cameos of the cat litter box that shouts THIS HOUSE WILL PROBABLY SMELL OF CAT PEE! We have a close up of the mail box, one of the most important rooms in the house. We have an open toilet with a wooden seat, a crammed kitchen, and oh yes: we have lovely exterior brick. All in Lake Highlands (cough cough) Estates.

655 Peavy brick wall

People, I do not want to be mean. I am sure this house has challenges, to put it mildly. It is begging for major surgery. But in a digital world, don’t you want to at least put on a little bit of lipstick? 

“Great spot on Peavy across from Hexter Elementary. Backyard is full of greenery with enclosed chicken coop. Add some updating and youlove love to make this your home.” Updating? Try a blow torch. I don’t know if there are good bones to this house because I cannot see them, only a brick wall and a concrete drive. Oh yes and one newish HVAC unit. I only know there is almost a quarter of an acre, three bedrooms, two baths, and a little over 1100 square feet where people are currently really living apparently.

Oh yes, and how can I forget? A really nice mailbox.


Nice wire hanging down the house, nicer weeds

mailbox 655 Peavy (more…)

GetMedia-5I miss Don Draper, badly, especially when I see a home that would suit him during his early years, before he was about to teach the world to sing in three-part harmony. I think he and Betty would have been super happy hanging out by the pool and grilling burgers at 10450 Lake Gardens Drive. The kids could have attended Hexter Elementary, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, and donned their Breton T-shirts to sail on White Rock Lake. If you long for the Mad Men, midcentury modern lifestyle look, jump in the Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 (or the Prius), tool on over to Lake Gardens, between Peavy and Easton and clap your eyes on this crisp, clean 2,521 square feet of contemporary bliss, listed by Terri Gum of Ebby Halliday Realtors for $534,900.


It’s address is the only real negative I can come up with for 926 Peavy Road, and even that isn’t such a bad thing. Peavy, which is what Mockingbird Lane turns into as you head east from White Rock Lake, is a busy thoroughfare, but this house won’t suffer from headlights shining through the front windows or blocked driveways thanks to an expertly placed privacy wall.

The wall, which creates a great little courtyard, makes this home feel a lot safer. Marketed by Peggy Millheiser of Dave Perry-Miller and Associates, this three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,841-square-foot home is priced at a reasonable $229,900.

This house, which feeds into Blue Ribbon Hexter Elementary, is in a neighborhood that is in the midst of revitalization thanks in part to small business owners. Just down Peavy Road are two restaurants — Good 2 Go Tacos and Goodfriend — that have garnered acclaim from all over the city, and this house is within walking distance. Also less than a brief jaunt away is a great park and playing fields, as well as Dallas’ crown jewel — White Rock Lake — itself.

Inside the home you’ll find several updates, such as hardwood floors and double-pane windows. The best thing about this house, hands down, is the brand-spanking new kitchen. I love the stainless fridge and double-drawer dishwasher, as well as granite counters and gleaming maple cabinets.

The master bedroom is a good size — certainly nothing to sneeze at — and comes equipped with a skylight. As much as I love skylights, I don’t like them waking me up before I have to be, so if it doesn’t come with a shade I am sure you can negotiate one.

The master bath is sparkling. I love the glass vanity top — very chic! The large tile in an off-set pattern makes the room feel longer and larger than it really is.

The backyard, which, thanks to a privacy fence and a creek nextdoor, feels exceptionally quiet. There’s tons of room back there, which is great for kids. The deck is great, too — a good spot for summer barbecues.

All in all, I think this home is an exceptional value. What do you think?