Italian Renaissance

We all know restoring a historic property like this Italian Renaissance mansion takes deep pockets. Dallas has plenty of those. What it is lacking, however, is enough of those pockets that also have the dedication, education, and drive to preserve architecturally significant homes. Thankfully we do have what I like to call architectural angels.

These are the men and women that get it. They know why a historic home needs to remain standing and they figure out, not only how to keep it in place, but also how to improve it. I cannot think of a better example of perfect preservation and restoration than 3601 Beverly Drive.

Italian Renaissance


Hey folks, I have had such a fun week, sure hope I can tell you about it sometime. But have you ever wondered what happened to former Dallas-based Rosewood Hotels & Resorts CEO John M. Scott III? Recall he was replaced over at Rosewood back in August 2011 by the “sexy” Radha Arora.  That came about when Rosewood sold out it’s lucrative (thanks to John) management company to Hong Kong-based New World Hospitality mid 2011. Seems John was just named President and CEO of the embattled  Orient-Express Company, owner of such renowned hotels as Venice’s Hotel Cipriani. The Scott home is far superior, I think, to the other hotelier’s homes listed over on Curbed: is this a massive hotelier house sell off or coincidence?
Now that cutie pie team of Karla and Alex Trusler and Will Seale just listed the Scott manse over on 4212 Belclaire! $3,995,000. Oh my I love this home and have always wanted to write about it!  Interiors are TO DIE FOR. It’s a circa 1955 brick Georgian Revival of 7,700-square feet on a super-humungo Highland Park lot with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms (with knock-out master spa bath), a library, an office, large swimming pool, and a five-car, glass-door garage which Deborah uses as a double family/play room. Comes in so handy at pool parties, I thought the idea was genius when she showed me the home!
Speaking of genius, let me tell you that most of the home’s decorating and remodeling was done in 2005 by Wilson McClure under the talented eye of Deborah Scott herself. Originally from New Zealand, she has a unique talent for just about everything, including interior design. She was one of the first in town to do transitional when we we all still buying ball and claw chairs. Anyhoo, I am scooting off to do an interview but will be circling back to this house because I love it. Warning to the next owners: I will be stalking!



Update 10:00 EST: ONLY the Guerriero-Law team has left BFS.

The chairs just keep on turning: Nancy Guerriero has departed Briggs Freeman to work with Kevin Caskey over at Dallas City Center joined by Janelle Law, of course. And if you think you read on here somewhere on here that Will Seale from (previously) Allie Beth Allman and the cute cute hubby-wife team of Karla and Alex Trusler, also of Briggs Freeman, left to go with her, they DID NOT! Everyone is still there and happy!! A case of mistaken email communication and once I clarified with Nancy this morning, I got that puppy fixed. This is what happens when you try to work from Maine.

But I’m very impressed with Dallas City Center and how rapidly they have grown since April when most of these folks were Keller Williams City Center. We are talking light years, with more exciting news, I hear, to come…