“Beck is also wisely excluding the mineral rights to his property, though I doubt anyone would drill in Vaquero.”

Glenn Beck may be trying to sell off some of his Westlake property because, according to various news reports, his media empire is not doing all that well currently. According to The Daily Beast, just a couple weeks ago:

The right-wing cable and digital media company—founded by Beck shortly before he exited Fox News in 2011—fired another round of staffers this week, shrinking a workforce that has already been reduced to less than 50 employees, according to two sources who spoke with The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity. The two sources also confirmed that more than a dozen employees had been laid off over the past several days.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the new tax bill. Maybe the very private Beck can no longer afford his almost 10,000 square foot spread on three and a half acres at 2224 King Fisher Drive in Westlake, where tony Vaquero is nestled, now that he can only deduct $10,000 of the approximately $57,000 in property taxes on the place. I mean, we assume Beck lives there: the home is owned by the “Prince Whipple Trust” headquartered at the same address.

“Prince Whipple Trust” also owns 11.8 acres directly behind the King Fisher property, likely for added security. These two properties at 4101 Aspen Lane are not formally on the market.

Beck moved to Texas in 2011 and first leased another Vaquero home belonging to Jorge Piedra and Swarovski crystal heiress Vanessa Swarovski, now his ex. Beck never bought the 7,900 square foot home that was sold at auction to Greg and Klaudia Brady. Rather, the Becks perused the area for their dream home, landing on Brant Jobe’s spread at 2224 King Fisher, down the street.