park forestOne of the great things about a neighborhood school is the fact that the neighborhood it is in is often very much a part of the fabric of the school, and vice versa. That is definitely the case with our School + House entry for this week, Dallas ISD’s DeGolyer Elementary, which sits just about in the middle of the tight-knit neighborhood of Park Forest.

DeGoyler is a school that is walkable from just about any of the 200 homes in Park Forest, and because of that, the neighborhood is fiercely loyal to the school. And parental engagement is robust — whether it’s Dad’s Club or the PTA.

The school is no slouch academically, either, earning a firm B from the Texas Education Agency’s A-F ratings, meeting state standard with two distinctions.

And Park Forest — a neighborhood tucked between Forest Lane, Northaven Road, Marsh Lane, and Cromwell Drive — is a darling spot to raise a family, too. From the community pool (memberships available) to the robust crime watch to the wide variety of price points, there really is so much to recommend the neighborhood full of Midcentury Fox and Jacobs homes.  (more…)

Perhaps you’ve got a child who got into Dallas ISD’s Sudie Williams TAG Academy, and you’re tired of the commute and would like something closer. Or maybe you’re pretty sure that’s the magnet your family is looking at because it’s a great fit should your child be accepted, and you’d like to find that house nearby right now.

One of the great things, sure, about a magnet school is that you can live anywhere in the district. But anyone who has driven any length of time in Dallas can attest — driving through the city at certain times of day (which often align with the times of day you’d be hitting the carpool lane) can be an exercise in frustration. (more…)

This week’s School + House could not be an easier choice — not only is the home zoned for Dallas ISD’s incredible Kramer Elementary and the phenomenal Hillcrest High feeder pattern, but it’s also right across the street from school.

Seriously, you can open the door, stand there with your cup of coffee, and watch your kids cross the street to school. That’s right, we are showing you carpool lane-free life until middle school.

This home at 7124 Midbury Drive is zoned for Kramer Elementary, which was the first elementary International Baccalaureate school in Dallas ISD, and has won numerous awards for its academic successes as well as its efforts to engage students and parents. It also has a wonderful learning garden. It’s also zoned for Ben Franklin Middle School and Hillcrest High, which are both International Baccalaureate schools.


Wolf CreekHow hot is Wolf Creek? Let’s put it this way: We’ve been telling you for a while how hot this area is becoming, with its affordable homes zoned for some really great Dallas ISD schools — but this week we got some real proof.

You see, the home we picked for this week had multiple offers nearly immediately (it’s only been listed for eight days at this point), and a contingency offer has already been accepted.

In LESS than a week, this home at 3350 Choir Street was snapped up.

Now, a there are a lot of reasons why this home would fly off the market — one, as we mentioned, it’s in Wolf Creek. Two, it’s priced at $175,000, which makes it darn near a unicorn in Dallas, with its three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Three, it’s zoned for Ronald McNair Elementary, which was recently one of the district’s Best Schools, and will be a STEAM Innovation campus starting next year. (more…)

alexanderThis adorable Midcentury Ranch in Wolf Creek is so special it already had a contingent offer after four days on the market. Zoned for this week’s Dallas ISD best school, Birdie Alexander Elementary, it’s a great example (the second for today) of what you can get for the $100,000 range in Dallas.

Photo courtesy Dallas ISD

This home is in the attendance zone for Birdie Alexander, who was recently featured as one of Dallas ISD’s best schools. The school, which received a B grade from the state’s A-F accountability scoring, will become a neighborhood innovation campus next year with a personalized learning focus. (more…)


Photo courtesy Dallas ISD

It’s already one of the best schools in Dallas ISD, but Kleberg Elementary will be a STEAM — that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to the uninitiated — school next year, and we’ve found a house that can get a family in that school well before the end of summer.

Kleberg earned a B from the state A-F accountability rankings, but even more, the opportunities becoming a STEAM school will offer all the benefits of the STEAM track but will remain a neighborhood school — so no applications required.

And this home, located at 1910 Pin Oak Lane in the Wright Farms neighborhood, is a great home that, given its price point, is easily perfect for now, but also will be easy to update and make your own over time. (more…)

Jack Lowe

Photo courtesy Dallas ISD

Four years ago, if we had told you that we were going to talk about Jack Lowe Elementary and laud it, you might have been taken aback. Nowadays, it’s more unusual not to talk about the amazing turnaround of the little school that could.

The school was ranked as one of the state’s 50 lowest performing schools four years ago, but this year, they’re not only an A rated school by the state, but they’re a nominee for a national Blue Ribbon.



Photo courtesy Dallas ISD

For this week’s School Plus House, we head to Henry Gonzalez Elementary School in Pleasant Grove, which has earned a whole slate of accolades in the past few years, and was recently featured as one of Dallas ISD’s Best Schools.

The school offers more than 20 extracurricular activities, including Chinese (seriously, Chinese). Next year, they’ll become an innovation academy and personalized learning school.

Last year, Gonzalez Elementary earned an A in the state A-F ratings and four distinctions from the TEA last year. It also earned the North Texas Gold Ribbon School award last year, too, as well the Dallas ISD Breakthrough Campus award.