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About Adam McGough’s utility bills at his Highland Park condominium: we may have been misled into misleading readers that his energy consumption at his Crestpark condo was so low that he could not possibly have ever lived there.

Here is what we said:

Well, let’s put it this way – they either have the world’s most energy efficient, off-the-grid-solar-panel-using-cold-shower-having family, or um, they maybe didn’t live there the whole time.

There, I said it.

Here are the months of usage we have. Maybe they used more at some point. But for real, this is a dream electric bill for four people. For instance, their April 2014 bill was 658 kilowatts. October 2014′s bill was 480.  To put this in perspective, the average electric hot water heater pulls somewhere between 380 and 500 kilowatts per month, and your average fridge uses about 150 kw.

I was alerted to the fact today that one  of his opponents may have been circulating the electric bill information that we posted earlier in the week. It apparently turned up on The Advocate in comments, though our information came to us materially from a trusted source. Getting in touch with someone at Oncor who even knows how to spell “blog” has been a difficult feat this afternoon, but I have asked them to see if they can tell us how the McGough’s account information was released and who it was released to. In this age of anonymous email addresses, we may have better luck fishing in the Trinity. (more…)