Sunset and champagne on the beach. My topical happy hour!

Sunset and champagne on the beach. My topical happy hour!

I’m hours away from my flight home to Dallas and figured it was time for a Hawai’ian roundup (and share some odd pictures with no meaning beyond amusement value).  This year I chronicled my real estate travails in Hawaii for It started innocently enough with an interview with the local Berkshire Hathaway Home Services president Tracey Bradley. I wanted to understand what Berkshire brought to the table as the news was still fresh that Allie Beth Allman had recently been acquired by Berkshire.

From there I got a big boost from the state of Hawaii who’s released a report on who’s been buying Hawaiian real estate. The answer surprised with 10.5% of mainland US buyers being from Texas accounting for 2.3% of all Hawaiian transactions! First up was California, but given the shortness of flights, not shocking.



THE Kailua view of the Mokulua Islands

Surf over to for our month-long editorial luau focusing on the Hawai’ian island of Oahu. I’m on the ground and writing up a storm on the second home potential of the 50th state. We started our coverage exploring the cross-pollination between Berkshire Hathaway Hawai’i and Dallas’ Allie Beth Allman (recently acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services).

In the coming weeks I’ll showcase the most expensive real estate Oahu has to offer as well as some of the most reasonable. I’ve detailed the past 30-years of median prices for homes and condos so you can see the appreciation and pitfalls of owning a patch of paradise.

From new (and yet to be built) condos to decades-old homes in established communities. I’ll be here to cover it all and give you the low-down.

By the end of the month, you’ll be wanting to get lei’d like never before!

Remember: Do you have a location you’d like to see featured?  I travel quite a bit and enjoy poking around real estate.  Realtors, have clients who’d like to document their second home journey?  Shoot Jon an email. Marriage proposals accepted (they’re legal)!


mineola-small-23Ola — wanted to introduce you to one of our shining new expert contributors on… 

As a quick intro, my name is Dallas Addison, and my passion is real estate.  I’m trained as a lawyer and have helped many clients throughout the country buy, sell, develop and manage all types of  real estate over the years, with a  particular focus on recreational and hospitality-based real estate,  such as golf courses, resorts, ranches, second homes, etc.  I’m also a founding principal of Preservation Land Company, which has created several incredible (if I may say so) conservation-based recreational ranches near Dallas and worked on projects in Montana,  Hawaii and New Mexico.  On the educational side, I’m a long-time member of the Recreation Development Council  of the Urban Land Institute, a  global organization of leaders in the  real estate industry  whose mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

So  why am I boring you with a bio?  Because I want to share with you interesting things that are going on in recreational real estate (which we’ll broadly define) and we think it’s important to know that your source is not only reliable but actually 100% involved in the industry.

I also have a personal interest in how sustainability concepts are applied in recreational real estate.   While completely overused, the concept of sustainability still has merit.   Locally, it’s darn hot here and by the looks of our rapidly dropping lakes, we’re using lots of water.  Plus, our area is quickly growing, one way or the other, putting even more stress on our resources.  We should be looking to make choices that create better and more livable communities.  So, where I see interesting and innovative sustainability practices being applied, I want to share those as well.

Finally, how  did I connect with Candy?  Well, interestingly, her husband unexpectedly delivered our first daughter, but that’s not actually how we met.  We bumped into each other years ago as we share a passion for real estate. She came out to visit one of our projects, Cross Pines Ranch near Mineola.  We’ve had many interesting conversations about what’s going on in this space and we thought others might want to listen in on the conversation.

Stick around,  and I think you’ll  enjoy the ride. I’ll be posting on, the sister site for vacation properties, but we will be sure and let you know when we post by including a teaser here on CandysDirt.

Next up—the Aspen report (just in time for ski season) and Cross Pines Ranch... over on



We just returned from a glorious ten days in Hawaii, island hopping from The Big Island to Honolulu and, finally, Maui. We survived a tsunami, my first! I’m still on Hawaiian time and mixing Mai Tais. As you know, Hawaii is second home nirvana for the wealthiest of the wealthy. Last week, I got to experience two fabulous second home communities, one Kukio, near Kona, the other on Kaanapali Beach, on Maui. Trust me, you can not go wrong with either.

This is Kukio. How to describe it? I never wanted to leave. No wonder so many turtles poke on over to rest on the Kukio beach: this is by far one of the most luxurious second home communities I have ever experienced.

A private oceanfront club and residential golf community, Kukio is the epitome of relaxed  luxury living amid a landscape of the most beautiful nature you can find: wide blue horizons, white sand beaches, and a gracious, warm and welcoming climate. Drive your golf cart on over to the Beach Club and leave the keys in it. Your warm towel is waiting for you after you emerge from the ocean, your snorkel gear is de-fogged and ready.

The only private equity Golf and Beach Club on Hawaii’s Big Island, The Kukio Club includes a full service Member’s Clubhouse, luxurious and I do mean luxurious open-air spa and fitness facilities, dining pavilion, beach bar, a ten-hole Tom Fazio-designed short course my husband says is among the world’s tip top, and Kukio’s signature Outdoor Pursuits program for paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, whatever.  Newsflash: I learned to paddleboard, LOVE IT! The Beach Club has at least 50 paddleboards and I learned these things run about $2000 each! Then upslope from the short course is Kukio’s pride and joy, an eighteen-hole Tom Fazio-designed championship golf course, featuring dramatic panoramic views of the coastlines. Hubby loved this one, too. Amenities at Kukio blend aesthetically with the island’s natural physical features, resulting in a beautiful, well manicured environment. There is lava rock everywhere. Nearby bays – Uluweuweu and Kua – enhance and give you more beach options. Two pristine white sand beaches are to be found at adjacent Kikaua Point Beach Park, an ideal location for swimming, body surfing — I caught two big rides —  and a variety of ocean sports activities. This is a public beach but you will never find more than 30 people on it.

And the water is so warm you just walk right in!

Who lives here? Michael Dell, Lance Armstrong, tons of celebs lease homes here, an amazing Who’s Who that’s hard to nail because everyone who works there won’t jeopardize a job in paradise by spilling the beans. Can’t blame them. When you can afford a second home in Kukio, you have arrived.

This little number, affectionately called Lot 85, is on the market for $11,900,00, a major reduction from the original asking price of $12,900,000. That’s the good news about Hawaii right now — it’s a friggin’ bargain. The Japanese, Canadians and Chinese are buying real estate there like hotcakes. Lots in this area start at about $2 million just for the dirt/rock, but I found this little bargain surprise for $995K: the sellers apparently want to offer up a $275,000 golf club membership with the purchase, that’s how motivated they are. That’s what I heard, you’d have to check to be sure.

Get ready for lots of company: the home has five bedrooms,  five full and two half baths, all with outside rainfall showers, a Pool Papai with Thatched Roofing (basically, what we would call an outdoor kitchen in Texas but with a thatched roof cover), hand hewn teak flooring, stone, marble, louvered Koa Cabinetry, and great outdoor living spaces. Yes, that is a swim-up bar. Everyone needs one in their backyard! Most of the interior doors are pocket, Hawaiian-style, for serenity and clean lines. You get 6,187 square feet, but it’s really an 8,200 square foot plus home because everyone lives outside here. Note the master with that dramatic corner ocean view and the open master spa bath. In Hawaii, you’ll use your indoor kitchen for breakfast and big meals. Almost everyone cooks and entertains outside on the lanai. It’s really a three car garage, one split so you can keep golf carts and paddleboards in the smaller one.

This home was built in 2006 and sits on one acre, loaded with lush landscaping close to the home. Many of the lots in Kukio have lava rock yards, which really grew on me. First of all, they are are aesthetically fascinating and lava is good luck in Hawaii — just do not take it off the island! It is also very close to the Kukio Beach Club and Spa. FYI, when they evacuated the Four Seasons for the tsunami, everyone was put up at the Kukio Golf Club. You are a bit higher here, but just a short golf cart ride to fun.

This home also has a guest cottage, or two, which is vital to keep your future guest, that would be me, in privacy. After all, a girl has to have perfect peace and quiet to blog. But just think of what we have to call our blog when we launch in Kona?!




Tourism is up in Hawaii, almost cranked up to 2006 levels, which means the real estate buyers are not too far behind. In fact, they are starting to crawl all over this delicious property in Maui.

Maui — just hearing that word kind of soothes us on a Monday morning.

Now comes a beautiful resort and spa on Maui that offers the first whole home ownership in paradise in 25 years, Honua Kai. The stunning condominium residences are smack on that famed Ka’anapali Beach are full ownership, on forty of the most beautiful beach-front acres ever seen. Guess where the price tag starts? $494,500 I kid you not. All the details are over on SecondShelters… because I get to go kick the tires! 

Tourism is up in Hawaii, which is a very good sign for Hawaiian real estate. The number one reason buyers purchase a vacation home in any location is because they love it. It goes like this: visit the location, love it, feel like you never want to leave. This is the point where buyers start perusing the real estate and actually, finally, pulling out the checkbook.