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Laura Bowden and her husband, Michael Shake, have preservation imprinted on their hearts. Their charming classic cottage in the Kings Highway Conservation District is a testament to that.

“I need a T-shirt that says, ‘Save All the Old Houses,’ ” Bowden said. She and her husband are from the Southeast, and Bowden grew up in a home with a historic designation, so she has always had an appreciation for old houses.

The couple was drawn to the Kings Highway Conservation District because of the beautiful topography, and of course, the older homes. When they spotted this charming classic cottage, it felt like home. The enormous southern magnolia in the front yard sealed the deal.


kings highway

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Sometimes you just luck into a great rental in North Oak Cliff, and this is one of those times. In a neighborhood Facebook group, Richard Akers told everyone about his newly remodeled duplex with two available units right in the heart of Kings Highway — and we begged him for more details.

The duplex is an upstairs/downstairs property, and now that the dust has settled and been cleared out from the remodel, both units are available for immediate move in, Akers told us.

“The upper unit (1315) has a dramatic stairwell entry — perfect for art!” he said. “Both units have great views of the tree-lined street and backyard.” (more…)

Kings Highway started as a holding tank of a neighborhood as new Oak Cliff residents waited for their Winnetka Heights homes to be completed. The area has since found a flavor all its own.

Diversity is more than a buzz word in the Kings Highway neighborhood of North Oak Cliff. It’s a way of life that describes the people, the architecture, the vibe, and more than a century of cohesive imagination.

The early days of Kings Highway are reminiscent of a teenager trying to find himself. As the neighborhood that’s now bordered by Stewart Drive, Davis Street, Tyler Street, and Mary Cliff Road transitioned from 19th century cottonfields, it became the temporary home for future Winnetka Heights residents who were awaiting construction of their new homes.

The City of Dallas initially platted the holding-tank area as “Oak Cliff Annex,” and its first structures were apartment buildings constructed around 1910. At the eastern entrance where the trolley stopped, a brick archway provided the gateway to the neighborhood. Though the archway no longer stands, its welcoming message remains.


Bishop ArtsIf you’re looking to live near Bishop Arts, but have struggled to find something at a reasonable price point, we may have the rental for you.

This adorable blue and white house sits on Kings Highway, close to Kessler, Bishop Arts and Winnetka Heights — and the rent is well worth the ability to hop on your bike and ride over to plenty of shopping and dining (no valet worries for you).

This upstairs unit, listed by Will Butler with Butler Property Company, has been completely redone — hardwood floors throughout, a brick fireplace, and neutral paint colors provide a perfect backdrop for your own furnishings and decor. (more…)

Though I absolutely love the idea of loft living, the biggest turnoff, is the lack of easily accessible green space. But what if you could live in a historic commercial conversion that lived more like a single-family home? That’s what Jenni Stolarski‘s latest Kings Highway listing is, to a tee.

And the isn’t the first time Stolarski has listed this particular property, either. When homeowner Jennifer Waddell was ready to sell this two-bedroom, two-bathroom converted corner market at 805 N. Montclair in the historic Kings Highway Conservation District, her first and only call was to Stolarski. 

Vintage cast iron dragon lights flank the front door of 805 N. Montclair.

Truth be told, I’ve always been intrigued by this property. Back when I was an editor and reporter for Oak Cliff People, I would frequently drive by on my way to PTA functions at nearby Rosemont Elementary and play something of a guessing game with myself regarding this house. “I wonder who would live there? What does it look like inside? What did it used to be?”

Now, with all the answers, I can share with you that anyone who appreciates the rich texture of history could live here, that it is an absolute textural feast for the eyes inside, and that it used to be Moore’s Market for 30 years, after which it was used as a potato chip factory. 

Though many of the commercial aspects of the property have since been lost (sadly, including the potato chips), it still has a working phone booth, tall ceilings, and a few of the original window frames within the interior spaces. Let’s have a look:


1303 Kings Highway Front

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in North Oak Cliff are sought after for their proximity to the Bishop Arts District. That’s great and all, but for some of us — me included — I’d prefer less crazy and crowded digs.

That’s what’s wonderful about the Kings Highway Conservation District, which is a terrific little pocket surrounding the eponymous street, at the northwest corner of Davis and Tyler streets. There you’ll find 1303 Kings Highway, a listing from Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty agent Jenni Stolarski.


937 N. Windomere Front

Kings Highway is practically unrecognizable from a decade ago. A historic conservation district in North Oak Cliff that borders Winnetka Heights and the greater Kessler Park area, it’s a treasure trove of old homes, and those diamonds were pretty rough a while back.

But as people saw the value in these older, well-built Craftsman and prairie homes, reinvestment grew. Now Kings Highway is a very popular conservation district. Still, it’s hard to convince buyers to take on a 100-year-old property and their many quirks.

“My team provided an example project that others in the neighborhood could emulate,” said owner Christian Chernock, “where you don’t have to tear down an entire home and rebuild with something that dramatically changes the scale and charm of the neighborhood in order to get modern amenities and luxury.”

This week’s High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans is 937 N. Windomere, one of three older homes Chernock and architect Paul Zubiate reimagined for today’s buyer. It’s still perfectly charming on the outside, and inside it is open and inviting. We’re certain that this home will fly of the market, so get pre-approved with Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans today so you sail through closing.

Of course, while the neighborhood is a big draw, we have to say that the clever finish-out of this home is a huge selling point!


Real Estate Story
Caroline, Lucy, and Kyle Randolph

Caroline, Lucy, and Kyle Randolph

Caroline and Kyle Randolph weren’t even in town when the newlywed nest of their dreams came on the market. They had been hunting for a while, and were starting to get a little discouraged.

“My dad drove by this house and saw this agent putting the sign in the yard,” Caroline said. “He begged her to take it down so that we would have the chance to see it.”

When they got there to get a good look they took in the non-descript brownish-tan home with black trim. “It was super boring,” Caroline said of the outside. When they went in the front door, they were greeted with hideous orange paint in the living room, and bright green in the dining area. The whole home was a mess.

And they both promptly fell in love.