The Aussie House With Uh, A Lot Going On

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You know how sometimes the new year brings a blank slate, and sometimes the new year means you have to blank that slate yourself before you can do anything?

This Australian house is the architectural embodiment of that.

Yes, that’s me saying the inside of this Midcentury Maybe in Queensland is a gut job, but if you’re in the market for an Aussie home that the listing gives an “unsure” when it comes to livability, but has the bones of a great family home, this could be the digs for you.

I mean, after the corneal implants you’ll need after looking through these listing photos.

The listing says:

“Three generous sized bedrooms and a bathroom with separate toilet. Spacious kitchen and meals area are connected by a living room. There is a windowed sunroom/rear balcony overlooking a well-maintained backyard.

Lower Level: One good-sized multiple room can be used for a teenage retreat or granny flat for relatives with its own bathroom and a separate entry. There is also a big two-car garage with a laundry.”

I should say that I don’t HATE every design choice about this house. It appears, sure, that someone had a gigantic wallpaper budget. It has every finish known to man in the 1960s or 1970s. It’s … a lot.

But I don’t hate these retro kitchen cabinets, for instance. Hate the countertops and everything else, but those orange cabinets could be a great pop of color in a much more, uh, restrained design scheme.

But this garage made me do a double-take, because the floor seems awfully nice (but also awful) for something you park a car in. Whoever picked the finishes on this house also had (apparently) an unlimited flooring budget, too.

But I’m sure there are more than a few design-savvy readers (and staff members) of that can already see this house sans all the wallpaper pasted atrocities visited upon it. What would you do to this house?

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