MG Luxury Homes: The New Kids in Westlake Luxury Home Building

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MG Luxury Homes

Westlake is a premier destination for luxury home builders like MG Luxury Homes. With what seems like half of California moving here, an unprecedented number of our new West Coast neighbors are choosing to live in Westlake. Named the most affluent community in the country by Forbes in 2011, it’s only gotten better.

MG Luxury Homes

Westlake is a Million-Dollar City

In 2020 Westlake, Highland Park, and University Park made Zillow’s list of Million-Dollar Cities in the U.S. That means a city’s average home cost is a million bucks. These are the only three cities in Texas that made the list of 218.

Gorgeous, gated communities like Vaquero and Quail Hollow draw those that value privacy, security, and room to roam because they also offer beautiful views of rolling hills, lakes, and trees.

Space, which is at a premium in so many luxury markets, is one of the many attractive qualities bringing folks to this part of the Metroplex. That and brilliant builders with gorgeous move-in ready spec homes, because who the heck has time to furnish a home any more? 

Triple Treat of Talent

One of the new kids on the block is MG Luxury Homes, an exciting triple-treat of talents.

Rachit and Prachi Gupta and Rahul Manda were friends in India years ago. Raul came to Texas to attend UT-Arlington for a master’s in construction management. His family has been in India’s construction business for more than 30 years, so home-building is in his DNA.

Rachit had family in the Metroplex, so 20 years ago he and Prachi moved to Texas. With Rachit’s degree in IT and Prachi’s in economics (with a specialty in energy efficiency), you can see this is not your average construction team.

It all began six years ago with the construction of the Gupta’s own home.

“We loved the process of building,” Prachi said. While they were in the framing stage of their dream house, someone came by and convinced them to sell it. The Guptas thought, well, we can just build another one, we know how to do this.

And a luxury home building business was born.

“We have an excellent team, and everyone has their unique skill set,” Prachi said. “Rachit brings in his negotiation skills at the forefront of the process. I come in the middle when we start building a custom dream home and help the designers and clients. Rahul is boots on the ground from start to finish. He keeps us on track.”

MG Luxury Homes
As we know, any portfolio piece must be staged. George Bass Stage & Design put their magic touch on this Westlake Mediterranean.

High Standards, Trend Forward

MG Luxury Homes is setting the standards higher than industry requirements. They are targeting the next generation, the new professionals for whom technology is essential and security is paramount.  

MG Luxury Homes

 Buyers want a multi-purpose safe room that not only protects valuables but also family members. Home gyms are a necessity, and wine rooms have made a comeback but not wine cellars. They are now front and center and work of art.

“When you look at this price point, a wine room is a must,” Prachi said. “I like to keep the wine room close to the kitchen and design it as a wall of art.”

A spec home is like a portfolio piece for a luxury builder. It showcases the best of what they offer, and highlights features most people don’t consider. This Westlake Mediterranean is a perfect example of what sets MG Luxury Homes apart.

“I want classic features and fixtures that are timeless and elegant,” Prachi said. “We spend a lot of time selecting light fixtures, for instance. We choose American-made fixtures that are sleek, modern, and of the highest quality.”

MG Luxury Homes

Prachi thinks about what makes a home not only beautiful but also allows it to function exceptionally well for a buyer’s lifestyle. The principal suite in this particular Westlake Mediterranean is comprised of an entire wing with a coffee room and one of the loveliest closets I’ve seen, complete with natural light.  

MG Luxury Homes
MG Luxury Homes
MG Luxury Homes

It’s not merely the fact this team knows how to build a beautiful home and is one of the preferred builders in Quail Hollow that is so attractive. What sets them apart is their consideration of the customer experience not just during, but also after construction.

They have built excellent relationships with furniture manufacturers in North Carolina, which allows them to bring wholesale prices to their clients so they can put those final touches on their dream home.

MG Luxury Homes’s beautiful portfolio piece is at 1521 Meandering Way Drive. It has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms with so much “extra” you must see it in person.

Synergy Real Estate agents Luci Noonan and Troy George have this beautiful Westlake Mediterranean listed for $4.395 million.


Karen Eubank

Karen is the owner of Eubank Staging and Design. She has been an award-winning professional home stager for more than 25 years and a professional writer for over 20 years. Karen is the mother of a son who’s studying for his masters at The New England Conservatory of Music. An ardent animal lover, she doesn’t mind one bit if your fur baby jumps right into her lap.

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  1. Adam says

    Overly priced with average quality. Don’t fall for the hype and pay 40% more on all the new builds popping in Westlake. What you are essentially paying for is the builder’s cost of holding the land, taxes and high-profit margin. Late 2021 will be the year all these homes will be underwater (valued less than what the buyer paid for).

    • mmCandy Evans says

      We know what underwater means. What you are describing is the basic economics of home building. Builders scout lots and build spec homes: part of the home’s price is covering that “carry” (taxes, interest and any other expenses the builder carried while the house was under construction.) Of course there is a profit margin, that’s pretty standard AND negotiable. I have been to two economic seminars recently and with record low interest rates, skimpy inventory, and all the relocations to Texas I would not be surprised if we saw inflation.

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