A Fort Worth English Tudor With A Wow Factor!

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Fort Worth English Tudor

The fact this classic 1930s Fort Worth English Tudor is on the market is kismet.

In December of 2019, I featured one of Fort Worth Interior designer Holly Lydick’s genius projects. When I ran a search for beautiful historic properties on the market, what should pop up? Holly’s very own home!  

Fort Worth English Tudor
We did some digging and found the tax deed reflected a 1933 build date even though the appraisal district dates the house at 1940. I’m deferring to the tax deed.

Holly’s forte is saving historic properties and completely transforming the interiors. I’ve mentioned before that her unique juxtaposition of old and new is refreshing and inspiring. We’ve been following the transformation of this home for some time. In 2017 Seth Fowler did a great before-and-after post on it. We are so excited it’s on the market and to see Holly’s glam squad has done even more since then.

Fort Worth English Tudor

The interior of this 5,016-square-foot, four-bedroom, five-bathroom classic Fort Worth English Tudor has been totally reimagined, rearranged, and reinvented.

What you don’t see is as important as what you do see. All the inner workings were updated, and the front door was flipped. This proves you can make an exterior change that is substantial without ruining the home’s character.   

Fort Worth English Tudor

One of Holly’s signature statements is the use of lacquer. There is nothing like it for a dramatic look. In this home, the kitchen got her magic touch.

I’ve been touting black kitchens for years, and this is a brilliant example that white is not always right and lacquer is the look. Check out the coffered ceilings and that Lacanche Sully range as well! Calcutta Borghini marble countertops complete this Pinterest-worthy gourmet kitchen.

Fort Worth English Tudor

The lovely Fort Worth Public Library archivist Jennifer Brancato moved heaven and earth to get me information yesterday on who we are sure must be the original owners, Mr. and Mrs. John Cardwell Burns.

You can see a copy of their daughter’s wedding announcement below. She was married in the back of this gorgeous Fort Worth English Tudor. According to his obituary in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Burns was the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show president from 1940 to 1956 and was active in the livestock business most of his life.

Fort Worth English Tudor
Fort Worth English Tudor
Fort Worth English Tudor
Fort Worth English Tudor

Knowing the history of a home, the celebrations that took place, the lives that were lived here, and the love owners had for their homes is what motivates Lydick. She’s a preservationist at heart, and she has a unique talent for transforming these properties.

“A family built their life here,” Lydick said. “There is history, and there are memories associated with the home. It’s sentimental to me, even if I did not know the family. If you tear it down, that history is gone forever. Maybe a home has not been properly maintained or kept on-trend, but it simply takes knowledge and desire to preserve these homes. To see a new home take the place of a historic home is a hard pill for me to swallow. If you can save a historic home, do it.”

Williams Trew agent Joseph Berkes has this one-of-a-kind classic Fort Worth English Tudor at 5700 Westover Court listed for $2.695 million. And if you need help with your own historic transformation, give Holly a call!

We can’t wait to see this home’s next chapter unfold.


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