The Holidays Are Here and Seasonal Style Matters!

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 By Elizabeth Mast
Owner of Talulah & HESS

There is no better time than the holiday season to welcome guests into your home. It is your sanctuary and a reflection of who you are and the lifestyle you lead. Create a seasonal sensory experience in your home through thoughtful style details to make a lasting impression. Because when style gets personal, joy is certain to follow.

Seasonal Scent

Wrap visitors in your favorite seasonal scents from the moment they step into your home. A well-placed fragrance creates instant seasonal ambiance in any room, with every aroma further setting the mood.

Seasonal Taste

Share every aspect of you when welcoming seasonal guests, from the wine you pour to the food you serve. Even a simple dish of truffles can give a glimpse into you, be it a dark chocolate sea salt or a delicate milk chocolate mousse. 


See The Season

First impressions are made on what we see. Dynamic spaces are the most inviting, where color, light, and form come together to reflect your individual personality and sense of style. 


Seasonal Touch

Have you ever found yourself drawn towards a beautiful pillow, enticed by the call of luxurious velvet? Or find your eyes tracing the smooth form of a decorative bowl? Texture can be felt not only by the tip of a finger, but it also creates a tactile feast for the eyes. 


Hear The Season

Music helps make the atmosphere, and during the holidays, there is no limit to catchy tunes. But don’t stop there. Create a softer auditory space through layered rugs & textiles.

Talulah & HESS is a gift and lifestyle boutique located in the heart of East Dallas. Founded on the principle of ‘Beautiful Giving, Modern Living,’ owner Elizabeth Mast has honored that belief for the last 18 years, sourcing unexpected and captivating goods to uplift and inspire. As an agent for Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, Elizabeth is an expert on historic East Dallas homes working closely with her clients to imagine modern luxuries in historic spaces.

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    • mmKaren Eubank says

      Barbara, we are all heeding the CDC guidelines. Remember many people have children returning from college, often with their significant others, so the term “guest” takes on a whole new meaning this year.

  1. mmCandy Evans says

    Barbara true. However, we are receiving guests on our screened porch. No more than 6 of us so we can be distanced. And all of these tips hold true on the porch. Im seeking pillows to make it as festive and comfortable as possible, and this is the only room where I can burn fragrant candles. Finger foods can be served individually and this is when we all need our own tongs! Its all about adapting and I think that special
    Room needs a holiday tree!

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