A Room-by-Room Guide to Selecting Light Fixtures

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By Michelle Lynne
President, ML Interiors Group 

Remember the days when buying a “bedroom set” was cool? That was about the same time that shoulder pads and feathered hair were in style. That was also the last time you should have considered buying matching light fixtures. Unfortunately, that trend can still be seen throughout many homes in Texas today.

If you’re looking to purchase lighting that’s “out of the box” (big box store, that is) here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:


The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the home, so don’t be afraid to make a bold statement in this space. Keep in mind the scale of the entry, the architecture, and the aesthetics of the rest of the rooms.


You do not have to put two pendants over a kitchen island. You can use a linear-shaped chandelier for a unique solution.

If you have two islands, putting light fixtures above both islands can be overwhelming. Instead, choose to put decorative lighting above the island people will sit at and use recessed lighting over the other island. Plus, you’ll save money!

light fixtures

Glass lighting fixtures are always a good idea when you don’t want to draw a lot of attention but still want the style and ambiance. Glass pendants are some of our favorites for use over the kitchen island because they don’t interrupt the view, especially in open floor plans.


In today’s open concepts, as well as in the traditional “formal” rooms, the dining space is often within the sightline of the entry. Keeping a complementary style between the entry and dining light fixtures, without matching is most easily attained by not repeating the materials, but rather by mimicking the shape. 

light fixtures
light fixtures

If you have a small dining table in or near the kitchen and want to include lighting over that space in addition to your kitchen light fixtures, you will want to mix materials and not just metal colors. Consider interchanging an organic (i.e., wood, rattan, or wicker), glass, or a metal solution.  

Stuck with an old fashioned chandelier you aren’t ready to replace? Or maybe you’re still just on the hunt for its replacement. Switch out the “candle flame” lightbulbs with round ones for a quick update.

Owner’s Suite

Go bold in the owner’s suite if you can live without a ceiling fan. A chandelier in this space can add glamour to a beautiful retreat you begin and end each day in!

light fixtures

Lighting should be considered the “jewelry” of the home and selected with care. The scale and size must be correct, and then you can go bold with the style. Mixing and matching metals, materials, and finishes will add interest if they coordinate but will dull the senses if the same style is repeated room by room.

If you’re feeling a little dim about all of these details? Call ML Interiors Group for guidance!

Michelle Lynne began her interior design career after spending more than a decade working in Corporate America. She has built a successful design firm, employing multiple talented designers and growing the services provided to include full-service residential, multi-family, and virtual design services.


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