Born And BRED: Dallas Business Journal Best Real Estate Deals of 2019 Awards

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Tanya Ragan’s love for historic buildings is reviving the Purse Building, which is in the race for the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Deal of 2019 Awards.

When Tanya Ragan has an idea, there’s no stopping her. The real estate developer behind Wildcat Management has used her tireless will to breathe new life into the West End’s Purse Building, a formerly neglected historic building.

And the resurrection of the Purse Building is among the finalists for the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Deal of 2019 Awards. Specifically, the Purse Building and Wildcat Management are up for an award in the Rehab or Reuse category, going head-to-head with the AT&T Discovery District, The Cabana Hotel, Energy Square, and Fountain Place. There are several other categories, each showcasing the variety of new commercial, industrial, and residential projects that went to market in 2019.

Judges include pillars of their field, and they were impressed, too, according to the Dallas Business Journal.

“What impressed me about this year’s submissions was the creativity,” said Linda Burns, incentives consultant at BDG/WDG Consulting. “Although there are significant exceptions, our planning and development to accommodate our rapid growth seemed to take a more utilitarian approach in recent years. This year’s creativity in planning and design caters to our work and lifestyle changes.”

In addition, the DBJ is recognizing Merriman & Associates founder Jerry Merriman with a lifetime achievment award. Bravo!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Ragan and the rest of the finalists this evening, and the Dallas Business Journal will profile each of the winners on Friday.


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