An All-Star Magnolia Hill Townhome is for Lease!

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Magnolia Hill

Magnolia Hill is quite the story, so settle in as I give you a short history lesson on how this gorgeous contemporary townhome came to life and attracted a couple of all-star sports figures!

In my early years in Dallas, I was a fashion photography stylist. I was always scouting disused industrial locations. I’ve clambered in and out of more distressed buildings than you can imagine. Fashion photographers loved them, and that was my first introduction to the area. 

Magnolia Hill

In the early 1900s, this building was the Magnolia Petroleum Company’s headquarters. There were wonderful old buildings that housed everything from the machine shop to the pump station. It was a photographer’s paradise. To have gorgeous models in designer dresses, against the backdrop of industrial buildings and the Dallas skyline made for stunning shots.

Magnolia Hill

By the 1980s, it was abandoned. However, when photographers discover areas, it’s like a scent trail. The smart developers follow, and it was not long before that happened.

Without a doubt, Bennett Miller was the leader of the adaptive redesign movement in Dallas and the father of our New Urbanism. His vision to convert old industrial buildings in places like Deep Ellum and the Cedars into residences lit a fire that continues today. 

Magnolia Hill
Magnolia Hill
Magnolia Hill

His work resulted in the opening of Magnolia Station in 1994 and eventually led to historical landmark status. To say this man was a visionary is putting it mildly. He had his finger on the pulse of what a growing Dallas wanted.

With the success of these conversions, Bennett and fellow developer Scott Hagar were on to the next big concept. They decided to recreate the industrial warehouse look in new construction. With an already perfect location, their new vision would mimic the existing industrial buildings.

Yes, that’s an enormous wine room!

In 1997 they finished four buildings at the north end of the Magnolia Station complex. Making new townhouses look like decades-old warehouses was not easy. But, with arched windows, exposed steel, and brick, they pulled it off. All 20 of them were engineered to allow for the construction of a rooftop deck. The complex sold out immediately. The view of the Dallas skyline and the unique urban location was all it took.  

Magnolia Hill

No one had the vaguest idea in the early ‘90s that Victory Park and American Airlines Center would be a short walk down Mockingbird Hill. Today, Magnolia Hill Court is the hottest gated community in Dallas.

So, it’s not at all surprising that this chic, sexy Magnolia Hill Court townhome has drawn sports figures. We know from DCAD that former Dallas Stars player Brett Hull owned this property at one time. If you’ve been in Dallas for a minute, you may remember Hull was instrumental in their Stanley Cup win in 1999. But, Brett had other real estate in Dallas as well, so I’ve no idea if he hung his skates here, but I like to think so because this is exactly where you know a sports star would be happy.

Magnolia Hill

A few years later, it appears baseball player Brandon McCarthy and his wife Amanda lived here. It’s not surprising to find most of these trade hands by word of mouth. I can’t name any other communities in town that offer such timeless, industrial design, and such a great location. 

This Magnolia Hill townhome is the only double unit in the complex with 4,770-square-feet, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a powder bath. The principal suite encompasses the entire third floor and includes a living room, office, and gym. There is a backyard with a flagstone patio, a waterfall, putting green, a four-car garage, and a community swimming pool.

The first floor has two guest suites.

However, the piece de resistance is the 2,000-square-foot rooftop deck overlooking downtown Dallas and Victory Park. Breathtaking hardly describes it.

Magnolia Hill

“It’s rare to find a gated community and own property that is 100% yours, have a backyard with low homeowners dues, and incredible views,” Allie Beth Allman listing agent Anne Oliver said.

Magnolia Hill

And all of this gorgeousness is for lease, furnished or unfurnished. I know it’s hard to believe. But honestly, you’d never want to give this up if you didn’t have to. Although you may be able to persuade the owner to sell. Anything is possible!

Oliver has 2935 Magnolia Hill Court available for $9,500 per month.

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