Former Corporate Accountant Loren Hall Teams Up With Phillip Murrell

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Phillip Murrell and Loren Hall (Courtesy Photo)

Compass Real Estate Broker Phillip Murrell announced that Loren Hall would be joining his team.  Though Phillip Murrell admits that he was not initially looking to grow his group — the added stressors of COVID-19 and the corresponding shelter-in-place orders made the timing less than optimal — but after meeting former corporate accountant Loren Hall for coffee, he said that both of them came away emboldened and motivated.

“That’s Loren’s secret weapon, she has a genuine, delightful personality and a disarming quality that we believe makes her potential in this industry boundless,” he said. “I’m just excited to be able to help facilitate her growth and help her reach her potential. Keep an eye on this one, she’s going places.”

Hall boasts a master’s degree in accounting and corporate experience with KPMG. In addition to working as a Realtor, she has worked as both an apartment locator and a forensic accountant. In the latter role, she focused on things like identity fraud, bribery and money laundering. It was a job that required great attention to detail, something she has found especially valuable in real estate.

“I’ve learned to think outside the box and prepare for the unexpected,” she said. “Adding on my experience as a locator, I’ve become super familiar with the different Dallas neighborhoods and hot spots as well.” 

Hall said she was looking to push herself further in real estate and could think of no better way to doing that than joining forces with Phillip Murrell.  She also fully expects to have some fun along the way.

According to him, the two of them have very different personalities.  However, they share a value system that includes integrity, authenticity, service, and gratitude. He says he’s excited about the partnership because their strengths complement each other and make the team as a whole stronger.

With Hall on his side, Murrell says that together they hope to tap into new markets and expand their services on a broader scale. This is in line with some of his recently announced changes which include providing locating services.

“Loren and I are super excited to join forces, and we will work together to help our business and our clients thrive,” Murrell said. “It all comes down to our no-nonsense motto and mission — live your best life!”

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