This Not Your Mother’s Master Suite, At Bella Custom Homes It’s A Luxe Oasis

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Master closet rendering, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

This is not your mother’s master suite. From coffee bars and dressing areas to boutique-inspired closets and verandas, Bella Custom Homes dishes the dirt on what’s trending now. 

Let’s face it, how we use and view our homes is changing. Even the term master suite is taking on a whole new meaning. According to the MLS, they are now being called “Owner’s Suites” or “Owner’s Retreats.” But regardless of the name, Bella Custom Homes Founder and Certified Graduate Master Builder Tony Visconti says, “Homeowners want these areas to be luxurious, spacious, and full of amenities.” 

Owner’s Retreats Are Replacing Master Suites, Says Bella Custom Homes

4962 Deloache Avenue, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

“Our clients are wanting large bedrooms with sitting areas, and even adjoining office spaces,” says Bella Custom Homes Vice President and Lead Interior Designer, Stacy Brotemarkle. “They are liking having a bar area in the bedroom or bath area, for their morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. We are doing more verandas off the owner’s retreat, giving them a spot to have that morning coffee and enjoy the view to their backyard oasis. Fireplaces are another popular feature for warming up the bedroom or bathroom space. We have even done a hidden passage way into the study or library. This way, if one person wants to sleep in and the other person wants to head into the study to do a little work, they don’t have to walk through the bedroom to get there.”

Even Dressing Rooms Are Getting An Upgrade

4962 Deloache Avenue, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

Right now, with many of us working from home, convenience is key. People want comfort, a sense of calm, and features that make life easier, not harder. Hence, the in-bedroom coffee bar with a view, secluded spaces to conduct business, and retreats that provide easy access outdoors. But that’s not all. People want dressing rooms that are stylish and functional too.

4962 Deloache Avenue, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

“We are seeing more dressing rooms, versus the traditional walk in closet,” says Brotemarkle. “These rooms are a space that is both easy on the eyes, as well as functional. We’re doing more doors over the hanging clothes. Not everyone wants to see all the colors and patterns of their clothing. They are instead going for a cleaner look with cabinet doors and mirrored doors over the hanging clothes.”

4962 Deloache Avenue, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

Bella Custom Homes is also seeing a shift in make-up areas. These oft-forgotten spaces to primp and pamper are being relocated from the bathroom sink to a private spot in the dressing room or closet.

Brotemarkle adds, “This gives the women of the house a little more room to spread out and not necessarily have to put her make-up and skin care products away every day.”

Another request? Seating Areas In The Dressing Room

Luxury buyers are also requesting seating areas in their dressing rooms. And we can see why. What owner’s retreat is complete without a posh seating area to land while deciding between the Chanel or the Prada?

“It gives the homeowner a feeling of being in a high-end boutique,” Brotemarkle says. “Closets don’t have to be a room that you quickly walk in and out of. We can create a boutique or even lounge feeling space that you can sit down and enjoy.”

Dramatic Shower Rooms Are Also Trending 

In fact, if you can dream it, they can build it. And their extensive portfolio of show-stopping owner’s retreats is just the start. Even more interesting is the shower room. This relatively new concept is starting to take off, replacing the typical shower-tub combo with something a bit more refined.

“We are designing more shower rooms,” Brotemarkle says. “The traditional layout had a shower and separate tub with a large deck around it. Many clients are liking the new approach of a shower room. This is a large enclosed tiled space for both the shower and a freestanding tub. It gives them the larger shower they desire, while taking up less overall space in the bath. We are doing more and more steam showers as well.”

Shower room, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

Think open airy spaces surrounded by walls of glass or marble-clad enclosures that allow you to shower and bathe in a seamless, tranquil environment. Who wants to be bogged down by a quirky layout when you can have a room within a room focused solely on personal wellness? 

Bella Custom Homes’ Trademark Approach Centers On Outstanding Design

Any way you slice it, today’s buyers are redefining the luxury owner’s retreat. And Bella Custom Homes is here for it. The key, of course, is asking the right questions. 

4962 Deloache Avenue, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

Fittingly, Bella Custom Homes’ reputation is built upon exactly that. They are renowned for expertly guiding clients through every aspect of the design. And it’s their collaborative, hands-on approach that produces award-winning design.

“We want to design our homes to meet the needs and wants of the clients,” says Visconti. “The way they live, the way they entertain, the size of their family, all comes into play. One of our first meetings with the clients and the architect is at their current home. We like to see how they live, what they like about their current house, and what they don’t like. It all helps us create the best layout and design for their new home.”

Understanding How A Client Entertains And Lives Is Key

As for extending retreats outdoors, Brotemarkle says it is their job to understand how a client entertains, indoors and out, and throughout the seasons. Most importantly, they aim to create retreats that are not only beautiful, but enhance your quality of life. 

4962 Deloache Avenue, courtesy Bella Custom Homes

“We love including a sitting area, an interesting ceiling design, a fireplace, a coffee bar, and an outdoor space for our clients’ retreats. They want a more intimate space that is cozy, but still luxurious. Having that outdoor access to the pool and hot tub is important, as well as that cozy spot for morning coffee or a glass of wine at the end of the day,” she says. 

“Overall, we want to design and build the perfect home for our clients. We want them to feel like they are at a luxurious resort when they come home. We want to not just meet, but exceed their expectations.”


Amy Puchaty

Amy Puchaty is founder and principal writer of Amy Puchaty Communications, a freelance copywriting firm specializing in luxury real estate marketing. As a real estate writer and communications specialist, Amy's marketing campaigns and copywriting work have appeared in numerous print and digital publications including The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Inman News, The Denver Post, and Dallas Business Journal. Follow Amy at

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  1. Udi says

    Understanding How A Client Entertains And Lives Is Key
    As for extending retreats outdoors, Brotemarkle says it is their job to understand how a client entertains, indoors and out, and throughout the seasons. Most importantly, they aim to create retreats that are not only beautiful, but enhance your quality of life.


    Reading this paragraph, the reader is left with the impression that the key objective of a home is to entertain, not live, eh? Quite frankly, I do not know of that many people that entertain that often to design ones’s home around that type of activity.

    Furthermore, I’ve always thought homes are first and foremost places to live, and as such should reflect this. Anything else — including entertaining — are secondary considerations at best.

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