Staying Healthy at Home: Help Your Family Counter The COVID Chaos

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By Sarah Zubiate
Founder and Farmer, ZUBI’S

As we all know, 2020 hasn’t been the year we all expected — so many unknowns, new stresses on our daily lives, heightened awareness but also immense anxiety, etc. Here we are, planning to kick off our two-week homeschool program before in-person school begins on Sept. 3, and the unknowns seem larger than life! 

Recently, my kiddos have expressed a huge dislike for facemasks as well as a concern/fear over social distancing. For example, during a trip to the zoo, my son — while journaling about the animals — became physically and emotionally upset if anyone ventured within 6 feet of his orbit. By day’s end, his extremely high level of fear and anxiety was frightening and heartbreaking…what is this new reality and how can we “control” these new stresses?

With our “new normal”, I’ve come to realize my precious 7-year-old twins are now having to handle very adult-like situations, including stress control, the inability to control others’ behaviors, and increased anxiety. In order to provide the necessary support for my kiddos, I know that I need to also focus and dedicate time to my own personal health and well-being — emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The following are just a few of my go-to techniques:

Need I say more? If you haven’t read Why We Sleep by author Matthew Walker, please READ IT. It benefits adults but also reminds us that our entire family must adhere to a healthy sleep regimen.

No day is complete without being outside. I’m outdoorsy, but also fueled and energized by the intake of fresh air. I strongly encourage daily outdoor activities for my family, as I truly believe it’s good for the soul.

Organization is the No. 1 way for me to combat anxiety. As I juggle the stresses of being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, I strive to make the most out of all my time.

Any time spent driving is filled with productive phone calls, work days are focused on large projects, and nights are spent cleaning out and following up to emails.

Weekends are for my family and friends — whether outings and sports for the kiddos or hosting an event or party.

(Of course, I am guilty of doing a little work. My company, ZUBI’S is growing faster than I could imagine and there are just so many exciting things ahead!) 

Strength and a healthy diet/lifestyle are key. For quite some time, I have suffered from chronic candida overgrowth, so what I put into my body is of utmost importance to me.

I started my company, ZUBI’S, with a desire and passion to bring incredibly delicious food to people who suffer from severe allergies or sensitivities like myself. I strive to create food that truly can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their dietary lifestyle. 

If you follow my Instagram @sarahezubiate, you may have seen my virtual workout videos with my trainer @jess_heidari. This is only a small portion of what I try to incorporate into my daily physical activity.

I often begin each day, while riding my Peloton with an attached work tabletop, going through my gratitude list and daily objectives and priorities. This simple, basic ride, a cup of coffee and some water, and a clearing of the mind helps kick start my day in order to tackle and focus on the important tasks ahead.

I also incorporate dry needling once a week for extra relief from muscle soreness, and even anxiety, at Dallas’ Kinetik Chain with Dr. Chris Baab. 

I often find myself overwhelmed by too much “noise” or input. Having an understanding and becoming aware of overt signs from my body has truly made an impact on my life.

For example, the realization of stress and anxiety through the tightness in my stomach. I have noticed a meaningful difference when I practice mindfulness, yoga stretches, and controlled breathing.

With the ongoing practice of breath control, utilizing the Breathing App, I am able to relieve and decrease my anxiety levels.

“Bath” Shock

Before this year, I never enjoyed a “relaxing” bath, as I viewed it as a “waste of time.” Again, always making the most of my time — and this time to a fault — I found myself overly focused on productivity with no time dedicated to a simple bath.

So, for 2020, it has been my goal to incorporate HOT baths into my routine! I have realized these baths are truly therapeutic for someone like myself. I am able to breathe deeply and slowly and immediately benefit from the physical effects of increased blood flow

While we can’t always control the stresses that enter our lives, we can engage in healthy habits and behaviors that will better our life — emotionally, mentally, and physically. We all must find those things that enhance and improve our overall health and well-being.

To get a more in-depth look into the happenings of my life, follow my instagram @sarahezubiate. To learn more about my company’s delicious dips and salsa and all things ZUBI’S, be sure to subscribe to our emails and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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