A Palm Springs Midcentury Modern Time Capsule Too Perfect to Pass Up

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So, this week has been a rough year already, and I don’t have it in me to rant. That’s how rough it’s been — it sucked the rant out of me. So today, we’re going for something somewhat more relaxing — a Midcentury Modern time capsule to gawk at.

Now, this home isn’t on the market, but thanks to the magic of the internet, we can still look at the listing photos for this home from the last time it was on sale.

I mean, the internet may be 75 percent dumpster fire, 10 percent cats, 1 percent Carole Baskin, and 14 percent that guy you went to high school with who is somehow smarter than an epidemiologist and a lawyer and a rocket scientist despite needing to crib off you in Home Ec. (the easiest A that ever A’d) and getting a D in Meats at a state university.

The 3,250-square-foot home is in Deepwell Estates, which, according to the listing, is a super desirable neighborhood in Palm Springs — and on the street where this time capsule sits.

“Deepwell had many celebrity residents, and Loretta Young, Julie London, Jack Webb, Eva Gabor, Liberace, and Elizabeth Taylor all lived on Manzanita at one time,” the listing said.

Inside, the 1969 interior has remained unchanged and has been maintained and preserved to the point that the home won the PS ModCom Residential Preservation Award in 2015.

Now, the wallpaper will prove to be divisive, I predict. Some of you will embrace it, some of you will hate it. 

Same with the color choices in the bedrooms. I mean, I love the textures, but I’m not certain my calm, oasis, sanctuary-loving self loves the colors. 

And this bathtub is asking for me to forget and fall in, and bloody my face. But all in all, I approve of this (with the exception of the carpet in the bathrooms). What do you think? Is this Midcentury Modern time capsule groovy or gross?

Take a look at the rest of the listing, and let us know.

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