Build-To-Suit Homebuilding Booming Despite Pandemic, Says Bella Custom Homes

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Bella Custom Homes, 4962 Deloache “Her” Bath

One thing is certain, homebuilding in the Metroplex is not slowing down anytime soon. And this is especially true for build-to-suit – a homebuilding process Bella Custom Homes has down to a science.  

“Homebuilding is booming right now, even though we are in a pandemic,” says founder and Certified Graduate Master Builder, Tony Visconti. “Our talented craftsman are still hard at work every day, bringing our clients’ dreams to life. We are wearing masks during meetings and taking necessary precautions.” 

With everyone adjusting to the pandemic and more people working from home, homebuyers are starting to dream of a space that better suits their lifestyle. This is where build-to-suit comes in.

Build-To-Suit Starts With Attention-To-Detail, Ends With Full Specs And Upfront Pricing

Bella Custom Homes, Front Elevation

At Bella Custom Homes, build-to-suit means the finest quality craftsmanship and design, backed by a 28-year track record of results. This is further enhanced by their transparency, which includes a full set of specs and fixed pricing upfront.

Bella Custom Homes, Kitchen Close-Up

“Clients find that our build-to-suit process is very transparent,” says Vice President and Lead Interior Designer, Stacy Brotemarkle. “We are there from the very beginning to help the clients select the right lot for them. We are also in every meeting with the client and architect while we design their new home (and many more that the clients aren’t in). We are there to guide the clients through the whole process and keep the overall budget in mind as well.”

If You Can Dream It, Bella Custom Homes Can Build It

Bella Custom Homes, Framed Gallery Hall

The process is incredibly streamlined, no matter how substantial the request. If you can dream it, Bella Custom Homes can build it. And their dedication is just as impressive as their approach. 

Once they have plans completed, the entire project is engineered and they spec out the house. In fact, according to Visconti, every single thing is engineered, from the soil testing and drainage, to the foundation and frame.

“We are a fixed price builder, so the final price that you get after the home is designed, engineered, speced and priced out, is your final price. Any changes from that point are done as change orders,” he says. “And our specifications (or specs) are about 65 pages, so they are very detailed. The homeowners know all the components going into their new home before we even break ground. This takes the guessing out of the equation.”

Fans Include Engineers And Executives, Doctors And Athletes

Bella Custom Homes, Framed Dome Below Spiral Stairs

Among their clientele are a wide range of Dallas-Fort Worth homebuyers all looking for the same thing – quality over quantity. This desire for a build-to-suit product that not only looks fantastic, but will last generations, is what Bella Custom Homes is known for.

“The build-to-suit process is ideal for clients that truly want to customize their home. So many clients have specific wants and wishes, and this process gives them the chance to get all of what they desire,” says Visconti. 

“With 28 years in the business in the metroplex, we have repeat clients and have built for numerous family members from the same family,” he adds. “We have built for several engineers and they really like our detailed specs and building process. We’ve also built for athletes, busy executives, doctors, and they all find our process enjoyable. We can help narrow down design choices if the clients’ schedule is busy. Many buyers like that, as all the showrooms and vast choices can sometimes get overwhelming.”

Why Build-To-Suit? Because Every Detail Is Custom Tailored To Your Specifications

When a client works with Bella Custom Homes, they are getting a partner that is there every step of the way. This is in stark contrast to other offerings where you rarely get updates or seldom meet with the builder. The hands-on approach is what sets Bella Custom Homes apart.

Bella Custom Homes, Framed Dome

“Many times when buying an existing home, you may only get 85% of what you want and it may involve a remodel too. Through the design-build process, clients get the finishes, colors, room sizes, number of garages, outdoor living spaces, etc. that they want,” says Brotemarkle. “We also pair every client with a designer to help them through the design and construction phases.” 

Perhaps The Best Part Of All? The Custom Sketches And 3D Renderings

Bella Custom Homes, 4962 Deloache “Her” Bath Sketch

Every Bella Custom Homes client is treated to exquisite custom sketches and 3D renderings of their home. This is a game-changer, as many have a hard time visualizing a space. The renderings help homebuyers get a feel for the space and understand what the finished product will look like, long before the project starts. 

Working with builders who don’t take this extra step can be tricky, as buyers want to make changes but it’s already too late. This is not the case at Bella Custom Homes. Their primary passion is delivering superior, beautifully appointed homes on time, in budget, and with a guarantee of unparalleled quality and client satisfaction.

“We are known for our classic, timeless architecture and attention to detail,” says Visconti. “We offer one-on-one customer service, and we’re always there for our clients, even after the building phase is done.”


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