Now is The Time For Renewed Vigilance Against COVID-19 on The Jobsite

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By Phil Crone
Executive Officer, Dallas Builders Association 

The rise in COVID-19 cases reminds us of two things: 1) the virus is still out there preying on human instinct and 2) that the health and economic challenges left in its wake are long from over.

Some are calling it a “second wave” or a “resurgence.” Truth is, it never left and it continues to burn through communities. 

Now is a time for vigilance. It’s not time to be scared out of your wits. It is time to be scared into them.  

Remember, the Dallas Builders Association has prepared you for this. Our COVID-19 Resource Page has the latest information from Governor Abbott and local official’s response to the virus. 

Armed with that information, your next step should be to review the procedures you’ve established over the last few months. Ask yourself, “Have I stuck to my protocols, or have we gotten a little lax?” Also, “What do we do if, heaven forbid, someone on our team contracts COVID-19 or has close contact with a confirmed-positive individual?” Finally, “What sort of recording and reporting obligations do we have to OSHA or other entities?” Guidance on these questions and more can be found in the Dallas BA’s COVID-19 Response Kit. It is free for all members. 

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition Guidelines for COVID-19 Exposure Prevention and Preparedness are also included in our Resource Kit as are links to jobsite posters and helpful videos in English and Spanish. These can be quickly downloaded and customized to your company. 

The Guidelines also cover the important role masks and sanitization can play in keeping a safe jobsite. The Dallas Builders Association will continue to supply these items and offer them for sale through the calendar page on 

Finally, the website now also includes a new video explaining why we do what we do. Our industry has never been more important than it is right now.

Homes are the one constant in our lives, they are sanctuaries for our families and loved ones. However, so many of our neighbors do not have access to attainable housing due to economic upheaval and longstanding inequity. That is why housing is essential and our vigilance and diligence are needed to ensure we continue to work safely and professionally.  

Phil Crone is the executive officer of the Dallas Builders Association, the trade association and network of Dallas builders. Find out more about the DBA at

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