Calm Home. Calm Mind. Two Designers on Creating Peaceful Interiors

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Blue creates a calming effect. (Brittany Lyons Art and Interiors)

Brittany Lyons describes herself as a calm, spiritual person. Which is why it makes total sense that her eponymous art and design business is based on creating peaceful interiors for clients.

“Mentally and physically, it’s important to walk into a space that greets you,” she says.

Brittany Lyons combines two passions: art and interior design.

Brittany’s zen-like demeanor is contagious. Even before the pandemic, she was a huge proponent of self-care.

“On a more shallow level, it might be getting a massage or going out for a nice lunch,” she says. “But think about where you spend most of your time.”

“Your home should be a sanctuary. A welcoming place where you can unwind from the day.”

Natural light is key. It made all the difference in the renovation of a 1990s master bath. Brittany started by opening up the space.

“We removed the dated block glass wall to make full use of two large windows,” she says.

The new, light-filled master bath. (Brittany Lyons Art and Interiors)

A new shower, tub, and vanity provided a contemporary feel. Heated coils were installed under white tile flooring.

For a living/dining room remodel, Brittany used color as a focal point. She accented a neutral palette with an eye-popping mix of blues and teals.

“I wanted to give my clients a space that would relay tranquility and comfort while also emphasizing color and symmetry,” she says.

Brittany’s second love is art.

An avid painter, she offices and shares studio space with other artists in Deep Ellum’s GoodWork Building. Her aptly-named collections are featured on her webite. “Beyond the Horizons” symbolizes where we are now, not where we always will be. “Beautifully Broken” represents growth through hardships.

Beyond the Horizons is a recurring theme in Brittany’s art.

“For me, art is therapeutic. Even if I didn’t get commissions, I’d still paint,” says Brittany. “It’s easy to get stuck in the here and now. You have to ask yourself: Will what I’m worried about still matter in two weeks?”

For interior designer Nicole Gibbons, the need for an easy and convenient way to buy house paint inspired Clare.

The online company combines designer-curated paint colors with state-of-the-art technology to offer shoppers a seamless buying experience.

An instagram launching new paint company, Clare.

Need extra help choosing a hue? The interactive “Clare Color Genius” provides recommendations based on room style, size, color scheme, natural light, and desired vibe.

We put in answers based on wanting our large transitional gray-based bedroom to have an airy, calm feel. Within seconds, a trio of paints appeared: Penthouse (a sophisticated, pale greige); Headspace (a soft, calming blue-green); and Classic (a soft, timeless greige).

Headspace wall color by Clare Paint. (Clare)

A calming color is an excellent antidote to a long day, Gibbons told Better Homes and Gardens.

Brittany agrees. A can of paint can make a world of difference.

“If you have a space that’s peaceful and inviting, it’s a lot easier to enjoy home and want to be there,” she says.


Elaine Raffel

Having left the corporate world to launch her own freelance creative business, Elaine Raffel is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the mega-talented Dallas homebuilding community. She credits her work with top fashion and design brands for teaching her one inarguably valuable lesson: that truly great work is always a collaboration.

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