Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight: Rembert Custom Homes

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The Rembert Family

The Remberts have amassed quite the collection of awards their brand, Rembert Custom Builders. In fact, Reginald Rembert Sr. and Ida Rembert have been building Dallas-Fort Worth-area homes for 21 years, and just welcomed their son, Capt. Reginald Rembert Jr., a United States Air Force Academy 2011 graduate, in May 2018.

The Flower Mound-based, family-owned company is one of the many great builders earning a shout-out in our Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight.

Find out more about Rembert Custom Homes as the CandysDirt.com staff highlights some of the spectacular members of Dallas Builders Association right here, asking these consummate professionals all about their business as a way to brag on the many quality, trustworthy builders in the North Texas area that can count themselves among their peers in the Dallas Builders Association:

What location or area do you primarily build in? What about the location makes it especially attractive?

Though we’ve built in many cities within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Rembert Custom Builders primarily build in the Flower Mound area. This is where we call home.

We love the beautiful small-town atmosphere, the country feel with heavily treed communities, and scenic corridors while offering all the conveniences of city living with outstanding shopping and entertainment.

What’s your go-to architectural style? Traditional? Contemporary? Old World? Modern?

Since Rembert Custom Builders is a “true” custom home builder, we don’t necessarily have a “go-to” architectural style. We build what our customers desire. We encourage your creativity.

Whether you prefer modern or have a flair for the traditional, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a unique personalized building experience using “The Partnership Approach.”

Our expert team will guide you through each and every decision while building your dream home. Because we realize this may be the single largest, most important decision and investment that you make, we are dedicated to partnering with you and helping you move toward accomplishing your dream of a new home.

How does your company provide value to your clients? 

You are not alone — Rembert Custom Builders offer personalized service from beginning to end. You become a partner with the talented team at RCB

You can trust us to help you make intelligent, informed decisions in all aspects of details and features. But of course, in the end the choice is yours, we are only here to assist you. If you have your own site, we will show you how to maximize it’s potential from architectural design to landscaping to pool installation. There are no restrictions. Only your city, imagination, and money limit your choices.

We have built a reputation for excellence, trust, and integrity. Our success is firmly built on a foundation of good relationships with our clients. We are in this together.  We believe everyone deserves a home that reflects his or her own unique sense of creativity!

Have you received any recent awards? What for? From whom?

Rembert Custom Builders have been featured in D Home’s Best Builders 2011-2012. We have been recipients of  Star, Vesta, and ARC Awards, most recent being four 2018 ARC Awards: Best Curb Appeal, Best New Home, Best Kitchen, and Best Architectural Design.

Considering the competition, how does your brand distinguish itself?

Rembert Custom Builders was established to give the home buyer “buyer’s choice.” We are a true custom home builder. The design, size, style, and location of your home are totally up to you. We don’t tie your hands with a lot of standard “dos and don’ts.” 

The home building process can be very stressful. Therefore, we believe that a well-educated and informed client is a much more relaxed and happy client. That is why we take the time to educate you on every step of the custom home building process. We walk hand-in-hand. We give you the opportunity to create your dream — “The Partnership Approach” is our approach.

Each home built by Rembert Custom Builders is your very own masterpiece. We strive to exceed your expectations and make what could be an extremely stressful process into one you will enjoy.

What does being a member of the Dallas Builders Association do for you and your business?

Being an industry player, the Dallas Builders Association provides us with detailed information concerning code compliance, building standards, local, state, and national laws that greatly affect our business.

We have personally experienced the support of the Dallas BA along with the Texas Association of Builders and National Association of Home Builders as a small custom builder in the North Texas area. Reginald Sr. is an Honored Life Director of the Dallas Builders Association.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the current market? What are you doing to overcome it? 

It is somewhat of a challenge keeping up with local government codes and changes as it relate to our industry both from an implementation and cost perspective. What we are doing to mitigate the effects of the changes is staying in touch with local government codes, laws, and communicating with building officials to ensure we are in front of the changes by being proactive rather than reactive. 


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