Coach’s Corner: 5 Ways to Become a More Productive Real Estate Agent Now

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Mark Johnson 
Chief Executive Officer, JP and Associates Realtors

As a real estate professional or affiliate service provider, I’m sure you wonder, “how can I be more productive?” And in the last few pandemic-crazed months, you may also have wondered, “how can I be more productive NOW?”

You are not alone. The latest numbers show there are roughly 2 million licensed real estate agents in the United States. That’s about one agent for every 52 households.

A Crowded, Highly Competitive Space

As you can imagine, professional real estate sales is a highly competitive space. With 5.3 million homes sold in the U.S. annually, on average, the typical agent closes three transactions – three! For the average priced home in the US, that creates about $20,412 of income before expenses! 

That’s why productivity is the bread and butter of the industry. Without it, you starve. That’s also why agents are bombarded with calls, on-line ads, or emails from coaching services offering marketing, accountability, and all the systems an agent might need. Real estate coaching services is estimated to be at least a $800 million annual business in the U.S., and many successful agents choose coaching. In fact, some invest as much as 5 percent or more of their annual income on real estate coaching and personal development.  

How Coaching Correlates With Performance

Agents across who invest in accountability say professional coaching makes a significant difference in performance. Coaches Corner will cover the pros and cons of coaching on this site over the next few months, profiling and evaluating the pros and cons of coaching and more. 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain 

There is considerable competition not only between agents to list and sell homes, but also between brokers to sponsor productive agents. And finding a brokerage is where it gets tricky. In Texas, JP & Associates Realtors has one of the highest percentages of producing agents of any leading real estate brand. In fact, JPAR agents are nearly three times more productive than the average.  

Why does that matter and how do they do it? 

Productivity matters to sellers! Today’s modern consumer wants to be confident they are dealing with a full-time professional, not a hobbyist. 

Productivity matters to the top producing associate, as they desire to be surrounded by other high producing full-time professionals. It’s inspirational, informational, and a high tide raises all ships.

Four Factors For a Positive Outcome

There are four factors you need to develop and guarantee any positive outcome. They are: 

  • A Solid Mindset  
  • A Strong Game Plan 
  • Solid Sales Skills
  • A Complete Set of Tools

Mindset is No. 1 because, without it, you are paralyzed. You can have the best strategy in the world, yet if you are not in peak mental state, you will struggle. Building a strong mindset is a skill that can be learned. JPAR has a defined curriculum and ongoing training to help all of its associates build a winning mindset. 

A solid game plan is second. All top performers we have studied have one. What is a game plan? A start-to-finish, step-by-step checklist that is simple to follow and execute. JPAR has an in-depth business plan for its associates and a 21-point quarterly business checklist that identifies the gaps to peak performance. As our 34th President and 5-star General Dwight D. Eisenhower said: 

“No plan ever survives the first contact with the enemy.” And “In preparing for battle, I have found that planning is useless, yet planning is indispensable!” 

This means the skill of adaptability is critical to success in any endeavor, just as we are seeing in our nation right now.

Skills come in third, as we all need the skills to execute the game plan. The best sales professionals are a lot like great schools: They care about results, but the way they achieve them is by being relentless about developing the skills. JPAR provides nearly 100 skill development classes on demand, virtual or in small groups. One of fourteen critical skills for the modern sales professional is understanding “why they buy.” It’s fascinating, and easy to learn. 

Once you have mastered the skills of why they buy, your results will skyrocket. Take the first step of understanding your personal code, by cracking it here: 

Fourth, what’s in your tool bag? Tools help you uncover and serve buyers, sellers, and investors. Tools can help you automate, eliminate, or delegate critical tasks. Top performers have essential systems for operations –  a CRM, for example – and automated marketing from tools that JPAR provides it’s associates like kvCore. 

This is one more reason why many brokerage, like JPAR associates, are simply more productive than others. They adapt and leverage a leading-edge set of tools provided by the brokerage to serve the modern real estate professional and the contemporary consumer. 

It’s Hard to Go Solo

And finally, we come to teams. One of the most recent success-driven trends in professional real estate sales is teaming up. It’s hard to go solo; even the Lone Ranger had Tonto! 

Teams outproduce an individual and create a better consumer experience for the client and a better quality of life for the agent. JPAR recently released a comprehensive white paper covering the six factors every team must master. If you would like a copy, it’s available on request, simply email and request a copy of the team leader guide.

There you have it, five ways to be more productive before you even consider coaching: solid mindset, well-thought-out game plan, persuasive skills, tools designed for productivity, and teaming up. If you are ready to get more productive, today is the day. 

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count”

Muhammad Ali

Mark Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer of JP & Associates, a rapidly growing full-service real estate brokerage. He is focused primarily on productivity and service. He has invested nearly 25 years in understanding the inner workings of high performing real estate agents, teams, managers, and leaders in major markets across the world. In prior assignments, he served as a Business Coach, in progressive leadership capacities for the 5th largest US-based real estate brokerage firm, in sales and marketing leadership capacities for a major consumer goods company, and served a stint in the US Army, Medical Service Corps. He was recalled to active duty during Desert Storm. Mark is a father of 3, lifelong learner, Spartan, and adventure athlete. He earned his MBA from California State University and a Behavioral Change Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. Several years ago, he decided to make “One Helluva Move” and not play it safe. Since that decision, he has climbed the world’s tallest free-standing mountain — Kilimanjaro; completed the Spartan trifecta, the LA Marathon, and the world-famous Iowa border to border RABGRAI ride, among other crazy adventures.

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