Daughter of McKinney Mayor Tests Positive with COVID-19

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The 19-year-old daughter of McKinney Mayor George Fuller, who is being sued by local real estate agent Derek Baker, has tested positive for COVID-19.

KRLD’s Chris Sommer broke the story Monday morning and Fuller confirmed in an interview with CandysDirt.com.

Layla, a freshman at the Art Institute of Dallas, started feeling ill two weeks ago and began isolating herself from friends and family. Last week, her symptoms worsened.

“We got really concerned on Tuesday,” Fuller says. “We tried to get her a test, which took four days because the tests are so scarce and you have to be in a vulnerable population. She took the test Saturday and got the results Sunday night.”

Fuller says his daughter is flu-like with fever, feels a burning in her chest when she breathes, and is in pain. “She’s in enough pain and discomfort that she’s crying,” Fuller says.

Fuller and his wife Maylee have been dropping off groceries and essentials at their daughter’s porch without contact, he says. Layla lives alone in Dallas.

Meanwhile, the mayor and his wife, who have four children, are now self-quarantining at home. UPDATE 4/1: They both were tested for COVID-19 and the results were negative.

“It’s surreal,” Fuller says. “I’m in a legislative position implementing policies for the community I care about, while at the same time dealing with what I believe to be a ridiculous lawsuit by a local resident, and I have a friend that passed away and a daughter that’s tested positive.”

A long-time friend of Fuller’s, Virginia pastor and blues musician Landon Spradlin, 66, died from COVID-19 on March 25. Fuller himself is a musician as well.

Lawsuit and County Meetings

A hearing for the lawsuit brought by real estate agent Derek Baker has been postponed to Tuesday, as Collin County District Judge Jill Willis has asked for new briefs, Fuller said. UPDATE 4/1: The lawsuit is off. Baker dropped the lawsuit against Mayor Fuller shortly after Gov. Greg Abbott enacted a stricter executive order keeping people home and County Judge Chris Hill clarified that cities may issue more stringent orders pertaining to their respective municipalities.

The mayor on Monday said he spoke to Collin County Judge Chris Hill, who issued a more permissive stay home order than surrounding counties several times this weekend, including a conference call with county leaders and elected officials. The Commissioner’s Court met in special session that day to discuss COVID-19 personnel staffing and compensation and declarations by the county judge.

This weekend, COVID-19 updates from the county had a new disclaimer at the top that read “Note: These orders apply to the entire county. Your city may have additional restrictions.”

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  1. Tameka Mosley says

    I have been following this situation and I’m so glad to hear the very ridiculous lawsuit is a no go! May God show mercy and favor over your baby girl I’m definitely praying for a full recovery.. stay strong

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