Rogers Healy: How COVID-19 Will Change the Real Estate Industry

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Virtual tours or walkthrough videos are helping buyers “see” homes they can’t otherwise view in person.

by Rogers Healy

It’s certainly not breaking news that we are living in an age that will change the world forever. Fear is heightened, change is rampant, and uncertainty is growing larger each day. In just a short time, our country has already experienced a vast amount of physical effects from the virus that is haunting us all, COVID-19.

As a CEO and Broker, it has been crucial for me to take immediate action and do everything in my power to continuously encourage my team, spurring them on to work harder and smarter than ever. Working behind the scenes to ensure the market is better than ever is incredibly important.

Every industry in our country is taking a hit, but thankfully the world of real estate is one that can continue spinning.

Rogers Healy

One of the major strategies we have put into place is virtual tours. Now that mortgage rates are at a lifetime low, it’s the perfect time for prospective buyers to jump at the chance at buying a home.

The irony is… people are staying home. Our new reality of a quarantined life has placed an obvious barrier to touring properties. Thankfully, technology has us covered.

We’ve been doing virtual tours for a while at Rogers Healy & Associates Real Estate and Healy Property Management. Thankfully it’s not something new for us; we’re just relying more heavily on it during this season.

Buyers love them and have always loved them, but we know buyers still prefer a tangible experience before investing any amount of money on a home.

We are going to amp up our online presence, continuing to offer virtual tours and see what happens. We are committing to serve our clients and prospective buyers any way that we possibly can.

One phrase that remains true, is that time will tell. We are rising to the occasion in order to make it possible for people to jump at the chance of purchasing a home while they can, and ultimately keeping the market afloat.

A good deal these days, means an actual good deal, and we are going to help make it happen.

Our physical offices may look a little different these days, but our fire that has always kept us going is burning brighter than ever. We are realizing the strength in working together and staying present. We are continuing to create new strategies that allow business to operate remotely but as usual.

I realized the importance of spearheading this effort on day one, and I am not slowing down anytime soon. We are here for you, and we want you to know that. As the saying goes, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Stay Tough.

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