Paul Sanders Passion for Real Estate Shines at Summit Group

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Paul Sanders says that superior technology and sleek marketing helped draw him to Compass Real Estate. When the opportunity arose to join Mohammed Jaber, Michelle Hopson, and Bobbie Jo Glover at the Summit Group, his decision became a no-brainer.

Much of Sanders’ success can be tied to the fact that he is a full-service agent. He’s not only adept at buying and selling homes, but also designing and landscaping them. Over the years he has come to be recognized as an authority on historic homes. When he drives through Fort Worth’s Fairmount and Ryan Place neighborhoods, or Dallas’ M-Streets, Perry Heights, and Peak’s Addition neighborhoods, he takes great pride in the number of homes he’s had a hand in giving new life.

Sanders has also been passionate about landscaping and horticulture since he was in the fifth grade. At one point he was a certified master gardener. He’s even been known to plant trees in neighbor’s yards at his own expense just to help beautify the neighborhood. 

“I think being able to do all of these things has really set me apart and helped my business grow exponentially since day one,” he said. “I like to think of myself as offering the full package in real estate.  I am passionate about all things related to real estate and love to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years to help my clients.”

While Sanders has only been a full-time agent for five years, his real estate experience actually spans two decades. While working in the business world, he purchased a historic row house in Philadelphia built in 1841.  He renovated the home and sold it two years later for a healthy profit. 

Soon he was buying, remodeling and selling multiple homes, mostly in Dallas and Fort Worth. Sanders has always had a passion for architecture though. Over time he developed his niche for fixing up historic homes. That passion for making run-down classics beautiful again has not abated since his first project.

“I didn’t know starting out that I was going to be so passionate about real estate,” he said. “It turns out that the purchase, design and the sell are all fun to me. That’s how I can work all day, every day for years on end because to me, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Sanders believes his skills will fit in well at his new professional home. The Summit Group is unique in that it does not have one principal. Instead, each person is an equal partner who joined in order to give clients a more elevated real estate experience.

“From our perspective, bringing Paul on board was a big plus for our team because we are focused on partnering with people who bring enhanced value to the team,” Jaber said. “It’s a huge service advantage to collaborate with people who go above and beyond to help their clients.”


Joshua Baethge

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