You Had One Job: Major Issues Arise When Fixes Go Awry

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Every week, the detail-oriented folks at Green Scene Home Inspections will give readers an education in inspection. Want to see what they see? Tune in  for “Upon Closer Inspection.”

Everyone has those #smh (shake my head) moments one the job, but we have more than our fair share in the real estate business!

This week’s Upon Closer Inspection column is dedicated to people who had ONE JOB and failed. Here are a few #epicfails for you to mull over.

In the picture above, we see that this homeowner really “nailed it” when they drove this nail through the electrical panel. Not sure what the goal was, but the electrical panel is a particularly bad place to get it wrong. #youhadonejob

“Honey, have you seen my chisel? I can’t find it anywhere!” #youhadonejob

When labeling things is your job, but spelling is not your forte. #youhadonejob

Getting the installation wrong is a pretty epic fail if that is your only job. This one definitely fits the bill. #youhadonejob

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