This Adult Treehouse Offers The Ultimate in Views And Style

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Adult treehouse

I know you may be expecting another absurdly expensive Monday Morning Millionaire, but sometimes — get out the smelling salts — price is not the driving factor for me. When I came across what I can only describe as an ultra-cool adult treehouse in Bent Tree, something seemed familiar. So, I called up listing agent Jason Bates with The Perry-Miller Streiff Group for the low down. 

He told me this was an ICF Homes build. Bingo!  I realized why it was familiar. I’d written about another property Jason listed in 2018 on Royal Crest for Rob Campion, the founder of ICF Homes. That house knocked the socks off readers, and I’m sure this one will do the same.

adult treehouse
adult treehouse
adult treehouse
adult treehouse

When Rob found this property on a cul-de-sac with a private lake, mature trees, and a fountain, there was a lot to love. But the house? Not so much.

However, the existing pier-and-beam foundation was great, so Rob began what we call a reconstruction. That essentially boils down to building a new home on an existing foundation, which means the process goes a bit faster.

Rob and design partner Renee Champion took a lot of that same style sensibility they implemented on Royal Crest to this home. The most incredible adult treehouse rose from that original foundation. All it took was these two creative minds!

The draw is, of course, that fantastic lake, so when designing the house, the full focus was on ensuring every room had a view, even the laundry room! The result in this 4,842-square-foot home is that you feel as if you are indeed in an adult treehouse. The success of this construction is simple, really.

“Rob builds a strong product,” Jason said. “Renee has great material selections and great ideas. They are an award-winning team.” 

adult treehouse

The draw of this property is the lake, hands down. It’s all about the views. You are struck by them the moment you enter the home, but as you continue through it, you realize there are views from every single room.

“It’s like WOW! Look at this lake,” Jason said.    

This team used all the elements that appeal to buyers today from rift-cut white oak and quartz countertops to exposed cedar beams and plenty of fireplaces! Details make the difference, and there are plenty in this gorgeous adult treehouse to satisfy the most discerning buyers. 

The Big Wow Factor

One of the big wow factors for me is the fact a downstairs apartment was incorporated into the design. You must have a guest house, an apartment, a carriage house, or some kind of secondary living space today. Let’s face it: Most of us have either parents, college kids, or a steady stream of guests in our lives.

If you love the idea of an adult treehouse with views for days, 5615 Harbor Town Drive is going to be a perfect fit. On almost an acre and offered privately at only $1.89 million, it’s everything we look for in house porn!


Karen Eubank

Karen is the owner of Eubank Staging and Design. She has been an award-winning professional home stager for more than 25 years and a professional writer for over 20 years. Karen is the mother of a son who’s studying for his masters at The New England Conservatory of Music. An ardent animal lover, she doesn’t mind one bit if your fur baby jumps right into her lap.

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  1. Alexandra Mitchell says

    What a lovely home….. what a great article…. until you get to the very end….. I realize the world has changed since 1980, but having CLASS and what that entails will NEVER CHANGE regardless of how few people even know what “having class” means anymore…. so to use the word ” PORN” when speaking of such a beautiful home and lovely, enchanting environment was not only absurdly inappropriate, but JARRING and DISGUSTING. Leave “PORN” where PORN belongs: IN THE GUTTER — NOT used as a supposedly complimentary adjective in ANY article you EVER PRINT. PERIOD. I am so sick of the depravity that has entered our everyday language. You all are supposed to be the EPITOME of assessing class and style…. SHOW IT.

    • mmJoanna England says

      Hi Andrea! Executive Editor Joanna England here. I am not sure how familiar you are with our brand, but “House Porn” is part of it. What we do is give the full look at gorgeous homes in tons of different price ranges for you to ogle and comment on. Our tagline is actually “The Brand That Brought House Porn to the Bible Belt.” We believe that this accurately describes the very visual nature of real estate marketing, and while we appreciate your willingness to offer feedback on this terminology, I have to say that I don’t agree with it. I hope you’ll come around to our light-hearted take on luxury real estate and keep coming back to look at the amazing properties, agents, and more that we feature every single day.

  2. Renee Champion says

    The term “house porn” didn’t bother me at all……and it’s about my house. Thank you for the enchanting description and write up!!!

    • mmJoanna England says

      Thank you, Renee, for commenting and for allowing us to feature your gorgeous property! All the best to you!

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