The Lord Is Testing Me With This House Owned by Dr. Phil

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We love our readers. And fans of the Wednesday WTF are especially ardent and helpful, and send us suggestions. So many of you sent this house that is now on the market, and is owned by one Dr. Phil McGraw, he of the hirsute lip and slightly Texan twang and all the folksy humor. 

If I could hazard a guess, it’s because you all are sick people who get their jollies seeing what way I (and before me, my predecessor) would react to whatever monstrosity you sent our way.

I have to see with these eyes, you know. 

At any rate, while Dr. Phil owns this house in Beverly Hills, his “rocker son” Jordan McGraw (currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers) apparently was responsible for the decorating.

I’m using that term very loosely.

Also, it seems that, according to the Daily Mail, the younger McGraw hired L.A. design firm Mogul to create a very specific vision for his abode.

“The idea is kind of Tim Burton threw up on a canvas, and it turned into a house,” he told the Mail.

Yes. Barf is always an intriguing theme for a house.

And by the way, you can buy this barf for about $5.8 million.

“The interior has been dramatically remodeled and updated with eclectic finishes that can be kept or transformed into your own vision,” the listing said.

Eclectic finishes is code for “there are velvet barstools in the outdoor kitchen, and we’re 90 percent certain all the random stuffed animals inside the house will rise up one night and murder every human in the house with the guns from the gun wall,, so hahahaha yeah, keep the finishes.”

I learned that from either an acid trip or ASID. I don’t remember.

Anyway, since Dr. Phil is known to give a lot of parenting advice, I thought I’d share some photos of the house he let his kid with way too much disposable income decorate.

“Questions that can help you stay solution-oriented include ‘How can we avoid this occurring in the future?’; ‘What have we learned, so that we can specifically do something different next time?’; ‘What would have been a better approach or solution to the situation?’”

“Say things like, ‘That kind of behavior or choice reflects poorly on your honesty and integrity. If you choose differently, then others will be able to see your good qualities. I really want you to make some different choices in the future. Let’s talk about what those choices might be.’”

“It’s important for your child to feel there’s an opportunity for rehabilitation and that he or she has some formula for success going forward.”

“Whatever in your culture is appropriate, children should comply with that. You’re not preparing your child if you don’t require them to do that.”

At any rate, if you want some barf, or need to see more of this house and haven’t already, click here.

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