Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution with These (Non-Exercise Bike) Gadgets

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We searched Amazon for the best home gadgets for keeping your New Year’s resolution and now we’re sharing them with you. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication.

Did you resolve to get fit in the year of our lord 2020? If so, I got nothin’ for ya. Because I’m not touching that. But if your resolutions include things like being kinder to the environment, tidying up your house, or focusing on your career, well, then I have your back with some sweet Amazon buys that might just make your goals a little easier to reach. Plus, a bonus for the “Yell at My Kids Less” crowd.

I see you.

New Year’s Resolution: Be Kinder to the Earth

Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag (sandwich size)
Price: $11.99

These silicone food containers replace throw-away sandwich bags that clog up our landfills and take literal lifetimes to disintegrate. Now, the last thing you want to do is send your kids to school with pricey gear they’re just going to lose. Believe me, I know. But let’s, for a second, pretend they’re Cameron Frye levels of responsible. How smug and superior we’ll feel packing their environmentally sound lunches every day! And who doesn’t want to feel smug and superior? It’s my favorite emotion next to guilt. Purchase it here.

What buyers are saying: With almost 3,000 reviews coming in at an average 4 ½ stars, reviews are either love or hate. Megan A. says it’s “simple and easy to use.” A quick scan of the ‘hates’ reveals a trove of user error issues, in my opinion.

New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized (AKA Hide Your Mess Better)

SONGMICS Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer
Price: $129.99

I love throwing stuff away. And if I can’t throw it away without pissing someone off, I love a deep basket, storage ottoman, or sneaky pieces like wall-mounted shoe cabinets. In fact, I was searching for one of those when I stumbled upon this and NOW I MUST HAVE IT. Tidy up your accessories and never again spend thirty-seven minutes untangling one delicate necklace chain ever again. Get it here!

What buyers are saying: F.S. Bruce bought it for his wife and, “Life will never be the same.” Look, I don’t doubt it, Mr. Bruce. ADD TO CART!

New Year’s Resolution: Focus on Your Career

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
Price: $115.00

Getting the most from your work life starts with getting up out of that warm, soft bed. I don’t know about you but during these dark months, that’s the hardest part. Everyone I know who wakes to gradual light swears by it, so maybe this is the year I finally give it a try. Get yours here.

What buyers are saying: Buyer W. Gayther lays it out: “Amazing. 10am wakeup to 07:20am. And I don’t wake up cranky as **** either. To be blunt, I got fired from a job because I wouldn’t wake up and I was having no success waking up earlier no matter how much I wanted to – this thing is a career saver for me.”

Bonus Resolution: Yell at Your Kids Less

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa | One Person Sauna
Price: $186.99

I’m dying. DYING. When this contraption popped up in my ads, I laughed. How ridiculous! But then I thought, ‘Hey, my kids couldn’t climb on me,’ and with some noise canceling headphones… Get it here.

What buyers are saying: Look, I might have posted this as a joke, but people love this thing. Practice says, “The worst part of this is that I love it so much I want to do it all the time!!!”


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