Browne + Douglas Group Joins Compass at Plano Office

The Browne + Douglas Group is now affiliated with Compass Real Estate. Cathy Browne and Beth Douglas teamed up nearly two years ago. 

“We were just really impressed with all of the technology and the way that Compass seems to be so agent-driven,” Browne said. “Their technologies and all of their processes are streamlined, and it’s all about giving us more time to have with our clients.”

After working together at Ebby for a dozen years, they realized they shared a similar philosophy of making clients the top priority and going above and beyond.

“We were both agents and decided that the power of the group is better right now,” Douglas said.

Before going into real estate, Browne worked with Delta Airlines for 25 years. Douglas began her career as a teacher and wedding planner in Highland Park. A colleague saw how good she was helping people with their weddings and suggested she go into real estate. Barry Hoffer served has her mentor and helped her learn the business.

These days Douglas and Browne are the ones doing the mentoring. They recently added Leah Ashely to the team and hope they can impart some of the lessons experience has taught them through the years.

“I think one of the things is that we’ve learned how to work smarter,” Browne said. “We use our time wisely and we always put the client first.”

The Browne + Douglass group is based out of Compass’s Plano office in Legacy West. They will soon be moving to a new location near the Plano Whole Foods at the intersection of Park and Preston. They’ve been busy preparing for the move, but their work is about to pay off.

“It’s going well and should be open in a couple of weeks,” Douglas said.

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