Just In Time for Christmas Shopping, A Book Full of WTF

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ChristmasYes, yes we know that purists will object to mentions of Christmas prior to your scheduled tryptophan coma, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t alert friends and family of fans of the Wednesday WTF that there is, indeed, the perfect gift for them.

Every week, we look for real estate oddities. Sometimes they’re great oddities, but more often than not, they’re terrible, puzzling, disgusting, or even enraging.

Imagine a whole website of this. Or even better, a whole book.

What started out as a Tumblr page devoted to horrible real estate photos, Terrible Real Estate Photography, evolved into a book about four years ago, a book you can purchase with your own hard-earned monies.

Frankly, we like the cut of author Andy Donaldson’s jib.

“The mantra ‘location, location, location’ often concerns buying a house, but some real estate agents would do well to apply it to their photography,” the book teaser reads. “Should one, for instance, locate the camera in front of a fossilized garden chair? An overflowing ash tray? An elderly relative hustling out of shot? Has thought been spared for the location of that dirty underwear? Those psychedelic curtains? Clearly out of touch with reality, some of the worst offenders should perhaps consider relocating to another industry. Luckily for us, they haven’t yet. The mystifying property photographs gathered here are an endless source of confusion, frustration, and, perversely, satisfaction.”

Yep, he is our people.

But if you cannot wait for Amazon to deliver your book or for Christmas, the Tumblr page is chockablock full of various and assorted WTFery.

Take, for instance, this sad bear.

Or this … uh, leg.

I can’t even explain this one.

And this one is giving me all sorts of anxiety.


And this one? I don’t know even where to start with this one, but I’m pretty sure an experienced stager would.

So there you have it — someone else with a horrific search history on their computer. Want to see more? Head over to the Tumblr page. Want to see more Wednesday WTF? Check here.

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Adlene Neely Dealey

Adlene has been a real estate writer for the better half of a decade, but only recently came to CandysDirt.com to write our Wednesday WTF column. Have a doozy of a listing not fit for public consumption? She wants to see it.

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  1. LonestarBabs says

    For some WTF-worthy moments happening in real time, HGTV is launching a new show “Theme Queen.” Want to see a room transformed into a scene from The Jungle Book? You can follow along as the show’s host/”designer” themes rooms or entire homes. Sure to end up in a future WTF book or perhaps even appear on this very site as the themed homes are eventually sold (or evacuated).

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