University Park Mom of 10’s Arrest for Drug Trafficking Stuns Community

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The University Park home of Gina Bishop-Corwin and her family.

Real estate developer Gina Bishop-Corwin is a longtime Park Cities resident who, with her husband, Mike Corwin, has 10 children. The family lives in University Park, just south of Preston Center, in a 5,200-square-foot home.

Last week, CBS-11 reported in an exclusive story by J.D. Miles, that Gina had been arrested in a massive drug sting operation that netted 10 arrests plus several raids and searches on Park Cities homes.

Bishop-Corwin, age 51, was indicted on seven counts involving drug and weapons charges. She was arrested at her University Park home on Stanford last week. The home is owned by MKT General LLC out of Dripping Springs, Texas. It was sold to the LLC in 2015 by the Gina Diane Bishop Trust in August 2019. The mortgage is for $750,000 and the lender is a “private individual.” There is no record of it in MLS; it is appraised by DCAD at just over $1.5 million. But residents say Bishop-Corbin is a “trust fund” recipient whose parents would give her money for each child she had. The “Bishop” in her family name is that of the family for whom the Bishop Arts District is named.  

Additionally, Gary Collin Bussell, 50, and his girlfriend, were also arrested when the feds raided his townhome across from the Whole Foods on Lemmon Avenue — too close to home, say residents who shop there regularly.

The sophisticated narcotics operation, which authorities allege started in 2014, was exposed when it was learned that a Collin County man died from a drug overdose in his Fairview, Texas, apartment. Sources told CBS 11 News the man, age 30, was found dead inside his apartment from a fatal overdose of fentanyl, which was then traced back to those now facing federal charges.

The indictments reveal that the 10 accused “… did knowingly and intentionally combine, conspire and agree to… distribute and possess with the intent to distribute a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of Alprazolam, Oxycodone, Amphetamine Adderall, Cocaine and Fentanyl.“

Also last week Wednesday, a former Plano police officer, Frank Eric Dockery, was arrested and indicted for his involvement in the ring.

Park Cities residents, parents and Realtors reacted to the arrests with feelings of betrayal:

“My son and his Highland Park roommates are stunned and sickened by what they found out last night,” says a resident whose children played on the same sports teams as the Corwin children. “It’s deeply disturbing at so many levels. Everyone just feels so betrayed.” 

She echoes the reaction of so many. 

“How in the world did they think this was okay? Since middle school this family has been involved in our lives. Going to all the basketball games football games.  They won the HP state championship two times, partying at the Jones’s Stadium suite before all the championship games.” 


Candy Evans

A real estate muckraker, Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters. She is also the North Texas real estate editor for, CultureMap Dallas, Modern Luxury Dallas, & the Katy Trail Weekly. Candy has written for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News, plus a host of national sites. Constantly breaking celebrity real estate news, she scooped former president George W. Bush's Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of her signature, and, devoted to the vacation home market. Her verticals have won many awards, including Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations. Candy holds an active Texas real estate license but does not sell. She is on the Board of Directors of Braemar Hotels & Resorts (BHR).

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  1. P says

    There are SO many inconsistencies with this story it’s appalling. Candy, you are such a gossip monger and ruin families!

    • Edris Thomas says

      I’m def not attempting to be combative in anyway. I do not know Candy personally. I “have not one dog in this fight,” as they say. However, I am curious what offended you about her posting this news coverage? This is not hearsay but all those involved were arrested for crimes not by Candy but by the authorities. You may know the family personally and I can see it being hurtful because they are not a ‘news story’ to you. I understand that part. But, I must ask why are many so offended when illegal activities are exposed in affluent areas. It’s like everyone gasps as if this is only suppose to take place in South Dallas. Surely, ” this is just not suppose to happen in this neighborhood,” is something I commonly hear. Those comments feel like an indication that there is a gross myth and grand denial of what CRIMINALS look like and where they reside. In short, ALL OVER.

  2. EM says

    I find it troubling that you would report this gossip as fact. Gina was NOT given money for each child and Bishop Arts is NOT named after that family. She has 10 children who are reading these horrible rumors who are going to not only be affected by her decisions, but by the reactions of everyone around them. This is not a time to throw stones or stare in disgust, but to gather around and help these children.

  3. Catherine Allen says

    Everyone with kids at HP has had a Corwin in their class, and generally they are great kids with good manners and serious athletic skills. I would rather read about how something went terribly wrong for such a nice family than this stupidity. You can’t have a succession of such great kids if she had been a heartless drug king pin from the get go. The dumb speculation on grandparents that supposedly paid for each grandchild and a house that isn’t in MLS is suspicious? The Bishop Arts District is named for them? Just google the history of the area Candy. Aren’t you supposed to be in real estate?

    I will bet as this shakes out that Ms. Corwin was a victim of addiction and fell in with a bad crew. An indictment is not a conviction and I bet she was named and highlighted because of HP and the 10 children being sensational. I would hope you would give a little benefit of the doubt and want help for this mom and the best outcome for the kids.

    • mmCandy Evans says

      Ms. Allen, I feel terrible for the children and family, and if the feds say they made a mistake, I will proclaim it loud and strong. But a man DIED due to an overdose of Fentanyl! I don’t even know what is it so here: It’s 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine! My point was never to shame the family or throw stones but to report on a local real estate player who is under a federal indictment. Neighbors may want to know what’s going on, too. Addiction is a sad story I know only too well from personal experience that ripples huge pain to the entire family whether a three month old baby or ten children. I have no doubt this will be the crux of her story. And I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs. Too bad it took an arrest of public record to get there.

    • Edris Thomas says

      See Catherine, this is what I find so incredibly fascinating…an indictment is not a conviction but is that a shared sentiment if this was a low income mom of 10 in South Dallas? My question again is the same. Why is a person with less pedigree, less resources, less connection and less prominence, less education EXPECTED to make BETTER choices in life than someone who has all of it? Why is grace so subjective? That is what I find so perplexing? Addiction is seriously “no respect of person” and we all know and can relate to this profound fact. It is truly an equalizer. Yet, those with less accessibility are shunned and SHAMED for making POOR choices. Where perceptually those with more accessibility are given the ‘benefit of the doubt?’ Who has the greater chance of making better choices? Who is held to a greater standard?

      • Bob Hamilton says

        Amen. Let us remember, too, this involved more people than just Gina — including a Plano policeman. Which really makes me sick: we put our trust in them, and then they profit off the miseries of the addicted.

  4. Catherine Allen says

    If you read the indictment charges Gina Corwin is not one of the 3 listed as being involved in the death of this unfortunate man. She is only listed on the second count which is conspiracy with the intent to sell. So why isn’t there more focus on Bussell, HP dad who is accused of being the leader of this group. He is listed in count 1 – contributing to the death of the man in Fairview. He is the man who enlisted the police officer. Why isn’t he the top news?

    Any families dealing with substance abuse are deserving of compassion. Including moms with 10 children – it happens anywhere and everywhere. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic.

    • Edris Thomas says

      Agreed, Catherine! We are on the same page in respect to not much publicity for the HP dad. Why is that? That is the bigger question? And, we also agree on the need of compassion extended to ALL who struggle with addiction. I am fully aware of the epidemic in our country. It’s not our first. When crack cocaine swept thru and diabolically destroyed whole ‘inner city’ neighborhoods and economies, do you remember what our ‘compassionate’ response was? JAIL TIME and lots of it. Addicts were treated solely as criminals. THE END. That’s what I remember and the facts support it. This epidemic includes a different demographic and the response and solutions are quite different. Just interesting to witness, that’s all! One could argue that we’ve evolved and learned a few things since our last drug epidemic. I suspect that is some of it. One could also argue that compassion seems to be very subjective. And, I think no one would argue that point either.

  5. BS says

    This inflammatory and assumptive story is shameful, Candy. You are the only “journalist” that found it necessary to involve her husband by name, in addition to creating false story lines as it relates to their home of more the 20 years and the access to wealth and resources that are entirely false. How often in any news story related to a crime do you hear any mention of the accused’s children? You didn’t even get the details of her arrest right. You would do well to stick to real estate.

  6. BW says

    Folks – this was on the news. Whatever her problems are, Highland Park is not exempt from drugs. Candy is not reporting anything that isn’t public information, she’s just reporting. Bishop-Corwin is the one who is responsible. We can’t hide behind the facts.

  7. HO says

    My father was a business partner with Gina’s father many years ago in Dallas before my Dad relocated to East Texas. I am not disputing anything about the arrests. I am, however, disputing the gossip by neighbors as to the money for kids situation. I knew her father, and he was one of the most down to Earth and hardworking men on the planet. He was self-made. The Bishop in Bishop Arts is named for a, literal, Bishop and is related to Christ Church Episcopal in Oak Cliff and has nothing to do with this family. They did not develop the district. That was a Mr. Lake. This is all public record and should be corrected in the story. It takes but a few minutes to correct factual inaccuracies and to remove flat out gossip. Now, I will send my thoughts and prayers to the children, their father, and all affected by this situation. The Park Cities has issues with drug use and abuse just like any neighborhood. The fact that a man died as a result of people in this ring is horrific. If Mrs. Corwin-Bishop does have an issue with substance abuse, I pray she is able to address it and reach recovery. Reporting news is one thing, spreading unresearched and unsubstantiated gossip is quite another.

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