You Should See What’s In the Bloody Basement

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basementAfter an eventful weather day like Sunday’s, sometimes I wish my home had a basement, something that’s a rarity in Dallas homes.

But then I read about poor Nick Lestina and realized, that no, I do not wish to have a basement anymore. I’ll take my chances with the linen closet.

How did Mr. Lestina’s Iowa basement rid me of my desire for a subterranean lair of my own? 

No, he didn’t say “mancave” too many times, although that would do it. In fact, it was really no fault of his own.

People magazine explains:

Nick Lestina was preparing to sell his Bagley home after living there for 10 years when he found five inches of blood covering his basement floor, WHO-TV reports.

Yep. Five. Inches. Of. Blood.

So, you may be wondering how one comes to find five inches of blood in his basement if one does not want five inches of blood in their basement.

In Lestina’s case, he lived next to a meat processing company, and while he had never had a problem with them before, he definitely had one now.

The hog and cattle remains had reportedly made their way to his basement after being down dumped down Dahl’s floor drain and traveling through Lestina’s pipes, which were connected to the neighboring company’s, according to WHO-TV.

Lestina called health officials about his bloody basement, and was told they needed to leave the house “because of the biohazard.” Officials believe the issue was caused by a clog in the connecting tile line.

He also has to get a company to come clean it up because the stench is unbearable.

“I’ve had a company come out for cleaning and sanitizing, but they can’t start that process until it stops coming up the drain,” Lestina said.

Although Lestina initially said the processing company wasn’t being helpful, it now appears the two are working together, although the meat plant is saying it’s not their fault it happened either.

I don’t know how that works, but OK.

You can see the full story (and video, gag) here. So, Realtors, how do you even go about disclosing a blood flood in the basement?

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